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Italian food is my favourite cuisine hands down, yet I'm not sure why it took me 28 years to get to Italy...

I went to the Amalfi Coast last summer and I often get DM's asking for tips, so I'm putting it all here for those hungry for an Italian adventure.

Positano has been a firm favourite on my Pinterest boards for quite some time, but as a classic virgo/hermit any where that is too busy and touristy makes me feel a bit on edge and impatient... I always crave an authentic experience, cue Vico Equense - A small town not too far from Sorrento and the port that will take you to all of the insta worthy locations dotted around the coast.

Vico Equense 

This is my ideal set up - a little town that's not chock-a-block with tourists that has cheap, local food and wine and hasn't lost it's local-ness yet. Some of  my favourite restaurants in Vico Equense were Pizza A Metro Da Gigino L'Università della Pizza - they serve pizza by the metre, Pizzeria da Franco - you sit on cheap white garden chairs and get served pizza on plastic throwaway plates but it's bloody delightful, and Ristorante Terramia - get their recommendations on dishes and wine, they really know their stuff.

In terms of day trips, sail this way hunnies...

I would highly recommend a trip to Capri, we got a boat which took us around the Blue Caves and gave us some time to jump off and get salty, then they dropped us off at Capri with a ham and cheese sandwich and gave us a couple of hours to explore. After a walk and a dip in the sea, find a frozen margarita by the port before jumping back on the boat for a sunset snooze in the sea air. 


You obviously have to go to Positano. It reminded me a little of Santorini in that it's so gorgeous but also so busy, with these types of places I like to go for a couple of hours, see what the hype is about, get a wine and be on my merry way back to a more local and quiet environment. If you're in search of a crisp glass of rose during your visit, I would highly recommend a visit to Le Sirenuse. I'm obsessed with hotels so I was in heaven here and that view was one of the best.

Le Sirenuse - Positano 

If you are a history nut you should definitely make the trip to Pompeii. We had a private tour guide which I would really recommend, he had all the goss  from back in the day that would have been completely missed if we just strolled around the place on our own. If you do head there, go early in the morning because it gets v busy, dusty and hot.

Ruins of Pompeii

Pizza buffs, this one is for you. I'm a beach girl at heart which is why we went straight to the coast but we had a couple of hours to kill before flying back to London so we went in search of the best pizza in Naples. Say hello to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele - made famous from Eat, Pray, Love, it's supposedly the best pizza in Italy. As popular as it's become, they have stayed true to their roots. They serve one white pizza, one red pizza, one beer and that's it. You sit on a table with people you don't know and drink Peroni from a plastic cup. The walls are stained and the lighting is really bright but it's these experiences that make me feel all warm inside.

That's pure happiness right there

  • Forget the fancy toppings, always order the Margherita. 
  • Don't rely on the Italians to make plans for you, they are the most relaxed people in the world. Urgency doesn't exist in Italy, so take a chill pill, make your own plans and just see where the day takes you. 
  • Never judge a pizza shop by it's cover. 
  • Always say yes to Lemoncello.
  • Always triple check what time the last boat leaves regardless of what it says on the ticket.
  • Whatever that coffee/slushy/ice cream thing is - have it. every day. twice.  
  • Always leave time to travel, they have timetables but they the transport just turns up when it turns up.
  • Always order the fresh tomato's at dinner.
  • Have gelato every day.


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