December Foodie Highlights

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Best month for food I say as nothing is off limits. Champagne with your bowl of Lindt balls for breakfast - Yep.  Pigs in blankets with a pint of Bailey's as a midnight snack - Yep. 

These were some of my best bits:

Temper, Covent Garden 
I found the most delicious little kebab things in all of Covent Garden. I don't eat lamb (because I'm Welsh) and not even I could resist this little parcel of deliciousness. Not Baad for a little Sunday spot.

Pastaio, Soho
A Pasta Christmas party is what I'm about, we had all of the olives, squidgy sourdough and bowls upon bowls of pasta. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: They do prosecco slushies. Cheers to that. 

The Ship, Wandsworth 
ohh Ship Sundays you will be the death of me. No better way to end the week than with a hearty lunch and 10 bottles of wine. Pork belly you can get in my belly. 

The Optimist, Swansea 
Swansea is well and truly putting itself on the breakfast map, thank god for that. The Optimist is one of my favourites - Why? they melt cheese into the scrambled eggs. 

Christmas Dinner, Homeee
The meal I most look forward to all year. Who even likes turkey? but when you're drunk, sitting with your favourite people, wearing a paper hat and discussing pigs in blankets, who cares?

Currently 12 hours into Veganuary and I can't stop thinking about bacon sandwiches, it's going to be a long month...

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