London's Best Pasta

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For me, there is nothing better than being with your favourite person and sharing bowls of pasta, wine and dunking thick, squidgy sourdough into olive oil and burrata. If that sounds like your dream, I've found just the places for you:

1. Bancone, Covent Garden
My new, favourite restaurant in London. I stumbled across this by chance and managed to get a table late one Saturday evening. The pasta was honestly out of this world and every dish we had was seasoned and cooked to perfection. My absolute favourite has to be the Cacio e pepe with spaghetti ‘alla chitarra’. OH.MY.HEAVEN. and it's only £8.50 a bowl. I'll take 850 pls. 

Please note that is a huge Parmesan crisp.

2. Padella, London Bridge 

I've been to Padella so many times and I have fallen a little more in love with it each time, I adore everything about it. Although you're usually sat next to a stranger (only on one side...) it's still so intimate and as for the food, the menu is fairly small but hugely delicious. If you want to make your date fall in love with you, take them to Padella. I think there must be something in the wine but every night I've had here has been very special. Or maybe it's just because it's Padella and it's BLOODY FANTASTIC.

3. Pastaio, Soho
A very fun, buzzy vibe in here and any where that serves prosecco slushies is going to be a winner in my eyes. I know I'm raving about pasta here and trust me, it's one to rave about but I will say one thing: fried mozzarella, nduja & honey sandwich. You're welcome. 

and look at that, I even spread them across the city for you. 

Carb Diem. 

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