Megan's Balham

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I can be a bit of a South West Hermit, especially on the weekend. I like to avoid getting the tube as much as I can so I'm all ears when it comes to new places opening up close to me, ESPECIALLY when it's dog friendly and instagrammable AF.

Say hello to Megan's in Balham, little sister to Megan's Fulham and Parsons Green, complete with a flower wall/ceiling (I'm sold), a menu with eggs aplenty (again, sold) and the loveliest staff to go with it. 

Here's what I recommend if you're heading there for dinner:

The Chelsea Gardener Martini is the absolute dream tipple. Gin, Prosecco, elderflower, cucumber & mint - come to mumma.

For dinner the Kebabs are an absolute must, if you go on a Wednesday you can get one with a glass of wine or beer for £15. They have open kebabs with hummus, pickles, imam bayildi & red cabbage on flatbread or deconstructed pan kebabs in a spicy tomato shakshouka with flatbread, the latter is superb, I opted for the chilli chicken with some added charred cauliflower. Bloody lovely. 

Why have ab's when you can have kebabs? 

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is to save some room for dessert because that cookie dough dish with a dollop of ice-cream on top is the best thing in the entire world. 

So now that I'm in love with Megan, who's joining me for brunch? They do a dish called shakshoumi (shakshouka with halloumi) and that's got my name all over it.



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