Lisbon Top Tips

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Ok, I understand the hype. This.City.Is.Amazing.

If you're heading to Lisbon to catch the last of the summer rays this is what I recommend.

To Eat:

Dear Breakfast
This is actually my idea of a dream brunch spot. Marble tables, pink menus, even pinker latte's and avocado galore. Imagine Grind, but better. 

 La Paparurcca 
Ok this isn't just the best steak I had in Lisbon, this is the best steak I've ever had. If there is one place I would recommend for dinner it would be here. It's a little bit pricey compared to  a lot of the other little restaurants around BUT it's bloody fantastic. 

Time Out Market 
Heaven for foodies and an absolute must. 

The Mill
Give me any city and I will sniff out the #avotoast. As much as custard tarts and all things white and crusty for breakfast is dreamy, sometimes a girl just needs a scrambled egg. 

To Drink:

Sky Bar 
If you're after something a bit more fancy, head to Sky Bar at the top of the Tivoli Hotel. This is where you will find the men with tight chinos, perfectly gelled quiffs and bottles of rose. Very cool place for a pre/post dinner tipple. 

Park Bar
This leafy joint is on top of a car park and the vibe here is a lot more casual and beardy.  Order a 2 litre jug of sparkling sangria and watch the sun set over Lisbon.

The Old Pharmacy 
Make a stop of here before you go for dinner, have a browse of the menu but it's worth telling them what flavours you like and they will match you with the best glass of wine. Kind of like Tinder, but way better. You had me at Merlot.

By The Wine
This was my favourite bar in Lisbon. Order by the glass so you can try a few, get a cheese board and stay for a while. 

To do:

Beach day
It's worth scooting out on the train for some beach time. Cascais is a good shout but I preferred Carcavelos Beach (mainly because they had a bar overlooking the beach with the best frozen daiquiris...) SOLD.

Castelo De S. Jorge
Get your comfy shoes on and be prepared to get a bead on walking up to Castelo De S. Jorge. It's got gorgeous views of Lisbon and that much walking definitely deserves several beers once you reach the top. Remember you've got to get down though...

Explore on foot
Lisbon is a perfect place to get lost. You can wonder down little streets and find the cutest cafes and wine bars, and by night the streets are bouncing with young'uns necking pints of beer and green cocktails, it's GREAT. 

To Sleep:

I would suggest staying in Rossio Square, I found it was so central and within walking distance to all the fun things. I stayed in The Lift Boutique Hotel and it was the perfect location.

Lisbon, you might just be my new favourite city. 


July Foodie Highlights

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Holy heat wave. 

Apart from gaining a beer belly from too many sunny days in the garden drinking beers, these were my July best bits:

Smoked and Uncut, Limewood 
It ain’t summer without plastic pints, portaloo’s and live music in a field. I had the best time at Smoked and Uncut festival at Limewood. Read about here all here.

Frida Kahlo Boozy Brunch, Leicester Square Kitchen
Ok boozy brunchers this is certainly one to watch. Forget eggs on toast, hello Mexican small plates and bottomless prosecco, all in favour of The Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition at The V&A this summer. Salud! 

Jamaica Street Stores, Bristol
No matter how hot it is, us Brits are always up for a roast. (the food kind and the sunburn kind…) Jamaica Street Stores in Bristol does a cracking pork roast and makes you leave wanting all of the hanging plants for your house. 

Hip Chips, Soho
Being a grown up can sometimes be shitty, except when it comes to choosing when YOU want to go to bed and choosing what YOU want for dinner, even if it is crisps, dip and prosecco. Hip Chips in Soho specialises in just that, which is my actual dream. You can choose from sweet or savoury crisps and accompanying dips (we did a mix of both) and they also introduce new dips every month to change it up, for August you will find Jamaican Jerk and Banana Mousse alongside all the classic ones. TIP: this would be an EXCELLENT place for a date. 

Dinerama, Shoreditch 
I visited London a couple of years ago and tried Yum Bun at Dinerama, now whenever I think of steamed buns I think back to that glorious moment. Very happy to be reunited with these delicious fluffy buns of joy. HIGHLY recommend the tofu and pork belly ones.

Black Lab Coffee, Clapham Common
Clapham, you have excelled in latte's and banana bread.

Roe & Co Whiskey
Add a couple of chunky ice cubes, a splash of ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime for a fiery tipple like no other. Slainte! 

Brompton Food Market, South Kensington 
The cutest little deli tucked away in South Kensington with an impressive salad selection and overpriced chutneys. SOLD. 

I'm off to Lisbon this month, pleaseee send me your recommendations on Instagram. I'm in search of the best wine bars and custard tarts!

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