Smoked and Uncut Festival

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For me, there is actually nothing better than a day of sunshine, good food, live music and a couple of ice cold bevvies. 

 Last weekend I headed into the rolling green fields of New Forest for the Smoked and Uncut festival in association with The Pig. This was the 3rd of 4 festivals and it was a corker. 

The weather was glorious and so we kept very hydrated... Starting with Hop House 13, a crisp lager that goes down too well in the sunshine. The Chase, a bloody fantastic cocktail by the guys at Chase Distillery, multiple G&T's and some sips of Roe & Co whiskey. Who says whiskey is for winter?! 

I also had a cheeky visit to the fancy glamping area for a taste of Roe & Co, they had a wicked lock in lined up for the very special few that chose to camp, leaving them with whiskey filled bellies and the very best Irish memories to take home with them.

Cheers to that.

There is still one date left of Smoked and Uncut on the 28th July at The Pig at Combe and honestly couldn't recommend it more! 

You can book your tickets here:


June Foodie Highlights

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Oi oi summer! London is actually the best place to be in the sunshine. Rooftop bars, bbq's and topless men throwing rugby balls on Clapham Common - hiya.

These were my best foodie bits in June:

Boozy Brunch Al Fresco
Nothing says summer like a jug of gin, especially one that's done at home and contains a litre of the strong stuff, big slices of juicy orange and mint from the garden. Cheers!

 Losing my sushi virginity
Yep, in my 27 years I'd never had sushi. I bloody loved it and now I'm up for letting the good times roll. (sushi roll, get it...)

Cahoots, Soho
Ok, so if you haven't been to Cahoots in Kingly Court you are seriously missing out. It's like being transported back to the London Underground in post war Britain, you can sip of cocktails, tap your foot to 1940's music and dream of having a roll and tuck hairstyle (or maybe that's just me.) It's the perfect spot for a date, you'll have a ca-Hoot.

Brickwood, Clapham Common
This is my favourite brunch spot in Clapham. I bloody love an Aussie brunch and this is the best of them. This was like all my favourite things on a plate. Sourdough, scrambled eggs, sweet potato, feta and pesto. Absolutely nailed it!

No BBQ will ever be the same again. Marinade your chicken in it, dip your burger in it, pour it in your mouth. Move over Heinz, I've got a new favourite.

Ben's Canteen, Earlsfield
The best of the South West. I'm all over Ben's Canteen, they do a cracking bottomless option and for you to avoid getting food envy, go for the fried chicken Benedict.

You're very welcome


Acai Breakfast Bowls with Sambazon

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I'm usually an eggs on toast with all the posh trimmings kinda gal, but I've always been intrigued by those colourful, purple bowls on my Instagram feed every morning.

WHAT IS IT?! I HEAR YOU CRY! Ohhh it's just a tiny, powerful berry grown in the heart of the most bio-dynamic ecosystem in the world, also known as acai, also known as a miraculous superfood by Sambazon.

Everyone knows I'm a fan of savory buddha bowls, so this is my sweet, breakfast version of that delicious creation.

you will need:
  • 1 Frozen acai sachet
  • Drop of coconut water
  • handful of fresh raspberries 
  • 1/2 banana 
  • Frozen summer berries
  • Chia Seeds
  • Toasted coconut chips 

How to:

(This is literally the quickest easiest recipe in the world!)
  • Run your acai pouch under water to break it up a little
  • Pop into the blender with your frozen berries and a drop of coconut water
  • Top with your fresh raspberries, chia seeds, banana and coconut chips to make sure its instagram ready
  • Voila!

Packed with powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas for a sweeeeeeet start to the day. 

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