A Weekend in Ibiza

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I have wanted to go to Ibiza since I discovered Scooter and vodka, but other holidays have always come up instead. Thanks to my bestie, Holly, and The Nudge London I finally got to go. Sign up to their newsletter here, they do the best giveaways! 

We flew out to Ibiza with Surf Air which was incredible. As soon as you arrive at the lounge your bags are whisked away and you are handed a glass of Champagne - something I could definitely get used to.

Once boarded, all you have to do is sit back and relax in the comfiest chair with a cold gin. Fine by me. 

When in Ibiza, here's what I recommend:


Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza.
You're looking at around 55 Euros to get in and 18 Euros for a G&T...BUT it's lot's of fun. It's huge in there with a couple of different rooms, there always tends to be a good DJ playing and you're guaranteed to get bum envy from the girls dancing on the podiums.

Dresscode: anything goes. 


Ocean Beach
Do not be fooled by the pool because no one actually swims here. They just stand around the pool sipping on something cold, looking fabulous. Prices are from around 10 Euros to get in depending on what day it is (you can pre-book online) and around 9 Euros for a G&T. Put your lashes on and make a day of it.

Dresscode: TOWIE

Cafe Mambo

Make sure the Ibiza sunset is on your list, I reckon it's one of the best in the world. Cafe Mambo will get you the best seat in town, the atmosphere is spot on and really sums up Ibiza and why it's so special.

Dresscode: Heels wouldn't do so well on those rocks...

Pikes Hotel
End your evening here and expect to have the craziest night ever. I have vague memories of Wham! playing and donning a Sandy from Grease/Mozart style wig. We also had dinner here and it was delicious, make sure you order the fillet steak. 

Dresscode: Sparkles/wigs/fabulous


The day of recovery. Sit by the pool and sip on a cocktail or head to Pikes for the best roast in town. 

Ibiza, I've fallen a little in love with you.

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