July Foodie Highlights

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I was here, there and everywhere in July, these were my best foodie bits:

Brixton Beach
The perfect spot to chill on the sunniest of Sundays. Frozen Margarita's and mac & cheese toasties from Mac to the Future. It's a yes from me.

Coffee from Tap Coffee
This gem is on Tottenham Court Road and serves up a cracking cup of coffee.

The School House
Those pulled pork nachos tho...

La Parilla, Swansea
This is my favourite place to go back home, you choose your meat or fish from the counter and it's cooked to perfection. I went with the beef fillet medallions and too much prosecco. The best.

Milk, Balham
Brunchies, get this one on your list ASAP. It's naughty and hands down the best iced coffee I've ever had. TIP: head there early to avoid queuing for ages.

I fell a little in love with the Spanish way of doing things, read all about my Barcelona trip here.

From Barcelona, I flew to Palma and had the most amazing time that consisted mostly of lying by the pool, eating all of the bread things and sipping white sangria.

Art of Patron event
A gathering of local artists and Patron cocktails in the coolest space in Hackney. I was amazed at how inventive the cocktails were, that was an art in itself.

Canna Deli, Cardiff
After one too many on Mill Lane, we were in need of something hearty and delicious, Canna Deli answered all of my dreams. The coffee was amazing and the melty cheese cured me.


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  1. Thanks for this great post, breakfast cafes in london i'll follow up for more updates if you keep posting them...


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