Don't Mind If I Baileys @ Grind

Grind is the place where brunch dreams are made. Throw in some totally dreamy interiors, a cracking brunch menu and you've got yourself an instagrammers paradise.

Dotted in the key locations in London, you're bound to find one somewhere near you. 

I headed to London Bridge a couple of weeks ago and went for the baked eggs, washed down with an iced coffee, but I heard they had a little secret. And it might just be the best secret ever. 

They have teamed up with baking queen, Candice Brown, to give you a Baileys Mint Brownie Iced Latte. No need to think of Baileys as a Christmas tipple anymore, its nailed iced coffees and become a firm summer favourite. 

These beauties are available for a limited time and all you have to do is whisper "Don't mind if I Baileys" to the barista at Grind and they will whip one right up for you. A special secret that's not on the menu. 

Trust me, you will like it a latte. 

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