A Weekend in Paris

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Did you know it's quicker (and sometimes cheaper) to get to Paris than it is to Swansea? 

Bye bye Welsh cakes, hello baguettes.  

Here's what I recommend:

For the best burger 
Cafe Charlot in Marais was my favourite place in Paris and probably one of the best burgers I've eaten. Most places have outdoor seating, so after dinner you can drink wine and people watch until the early hours of the morning. 

Cafe Kitsune
From Tokyo to Paris, this coffee shop serves up the best coffee and it's situated in most peaceful area in Le Palais Royal. Grab a coffee and sit outside by the fountain - The best kind of caffeine fix. 

Being the tourist
Seeing all the landmarks is a must. I'm not overly fussed on doing all the touristy things and queuing for hours, but seeing these beauty's from a far is just as good. 

Titty Tee at the Louvre 

Baguettes and beers
Because, Paris. Le Nemours near the Louvre looks over a courtyard that had a mini orchestra playing some classical bangers - we ate ham and cheese baguettes and it was dreamy. 

Walk along Canal Saint-Martin
This area is quite hipster and people sit all along the side of the canal drinking beers. It's so relaxed with bearded French men aplenty. 

The breakfast offering is as delicious as you would imagine. Good coffee and croissants or Croque Madame with a runny egg. 

I fell a little in love with Paris and the laid back way of living. I didn't stop laughing, eating and drinking good beer and wine the whole weekend, I had the best time ever.  Plz take me back! 

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