February foodie highlights

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So I did something very silly and signed up for Tough Mudder, I thought it would be a laugh until I tried to do 20 burpees in a row. So my February was mostly full of spinach and eggs coz protein, innit. 

Anyway a tiny attempt at eating fairly clean can't be done all the time... 

These were my best February naughty bits: 

Croeso Lounge
Mumbles seafront has had a makeover. Bye bye Tivoli, hello Croeso Lounge. Gorgeous views, delicious tapas and all of the wineeee. 

I think the Diff will always be my favourite city. I love going back, especially when it's to play. Brecon Gin & Laurent Perrier followed by a trip to Nine Yards and Ten Mill Lane with one of my favourites.

Flat Iron
This place is too good to only go once. I know I will go back again and again. Super affordable and bloody lovely. PERKS: free ice-cream rolled in Mast chocolate. 

You may or may not have realised but I am Polpo's biggest fan. This has purely happened by accident but I usually find myself at one of these most weeks. Ape & Bird near Leicester Square is a fab spot for drinks, if you go to Polpo in Covent Garden make sure you have the beef shin ragu.

Twisted Halo
Alcopop's remind me of being 18 and having a blue tongue and I kind of miss that, minus the sugar overload. I found some grown up ones that taste like holiday in a bottle AND they are less then 100 calories. 

Pizza Pilgrims 
I managed to meet Soph & Nina when they were in London for a fleeting visit; obviously pizza and wine had to be done. In Crust we trust. 

Discovering the Welsh Centre
My home from home. I went to watch the WAL v SCO match here and I felt all warm and fuzzy having Lagerbread and Brecon gin again. I will say one thing... £3 a pint. 

So as March begins it's a terrible time to start clean eating because I'm going to Paris, (cheese and wine and baguettes and pastries) there is rugby, (beers) there are nights out, (prosseco, kettle crisps and 3am buttery toast) and I am doomed. 

Wish me luck



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