Petersham Nurseries

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As much as I love London it's so nice to hop on a train and escape to somewhere with clean air.

This weekend I ventured to Richmond in search of deers and coffee, and made a pretty special discovery when I was there - Petersham Nurseries.

If you're fond of a cactus and wholesome, hearty food, there is nowhere better to go.

Nestled away amongst the trees with a green house vibe is the sweetest café ever. The sun was beaming in as we tucked into chicken pie and a sweet potato and chickpea stew. They have a seasonal menu that is produced with whatever is growing in the garden - this means ever-changing, fresh and delicious dishes all year around.

and of course there has to be amount of savoury is complete without coffee and homemade cake.

When you're full up, it's then time to explore the nursery and shop and fall a little in love with everything.
This might just be my new favourite place.
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