Going Vegan at Pizza Express

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Pizza is one of my favourite things in life. For me, it's usually covered with pepperoni and smothered in cheese, so when Pizza Express invited me in to try their new vegan range that launched over summer, I was intrigued. I'm not vegan but I have played with the idea before, it's the cheese thing that gets me every time. Imagine a pizza without cheese....

WELL, Pizza Express has nailed the cheese dilemma for us worriers. 

A few of us gathered in the new, fancy Gloucester Road restaurant for a night of dough balls, vegan pizza making and wine drinking.

I have done one of the pizza making parties before and they are so fun! You get to make your pizza from scratch and put on as many toppings as you like, which naturally I did very well...

I packed mine with spinach, mushrooms, mixed peppers, jalapenos, onion chutney, those small little sweet peppers and vegan cheese. It's really crumbly but melts like a dream.

They spoke to us about the process of introducing vegan products to the menu and listening to how much work went into launching the range was amazing. The process took so long but they didn't want to rush launching something until it was flawless. 

So once being a chef was done, it was time to drink wine and tuck into our tasty creations. 

Being 100% honest, it's probably the best pizza I've had in a long time. I rarely go meat free when I go out for pizza but I was so impressed with this. 

and of course, after all things savoury, you need something sweet. I went for coconut sorbet that went down a treat. 


A Weekend in Ibiza

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I have wanted to go to Ibiza since I discovered Scooter and vodka, but other holidays have always come up instead. Thanks to my bestie, Holly, and The Nudge London I finally got to go. Sign up to their newsletter here, they do the best giveaways! 

We flew out to Ibiza with Surf Air which was incredible. As soon as you arrive at the lounge your bags are whisked away and you are handed a glass of Champagne - something I could definitely get used to.

Once boarded, all you have to do is sit back and relax in the comfiest chair with a cold gin. Fine by me. 

When in Ibiza, here's what I recommend:


Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza.
You're looking at around 55 Euros to get in and 18 Euros for a G&T...BUT it's lot's of fun. It's huge in there with a couple of different rooms, there always tends to be a good DJ playing and you're guaranteed to get bum envy from the girls dancing on the podiums.

Dresscode: anything goes. 


Ocean Beach
Do not be fooled by the pool because no one actually swims here. They just stand around the pool sipping on something cold, looking fabulous. Prices are from around 10 Euros to get in depending on what day it is (you can pre-book online) and around 9 Euros for a G&T. Put your lashes on and make a day of it.

Dresscode: TOWIE

Cafe Mambo

Make sure the Ibiza sunset is on your list, I reckon it's one of the best in the world. Cafe Mambo will get you the best seat in town, the atmosphere is spot on and really sums up Ibiza and why it's so special.

Dresscode: Heels wouldn't do so well on those rocks...

Pikes Hotel
End your evening here and expect to have the craziest night ever. I have vague memories of Wham! playing and donning a Sandy from Grease/Mozart style wig. We also had dinner here and it was delicious, make sure you order the fillet steak. 

Dresscode: Sparkles/wigs/fabulous


The day of recovery. Sit by the pool and sip on a cocktail or head to Pikes for the best roast in town. 

Ibiza, I've fallen a little in love with you.


Exploring Barcelona

Barcelona has been on my list for soo long. Where the city meets the beach is my absolute favourite. 

If you're after burgers head to Bacoa and add all the extra toppings. The perfect thing after a day at the beach. Burgers, beers and babes.

Get a giant slice of pizza and explore Sagrada Familia.

Hop along the beach bars and get drunk off Estrella in the sunshine.

Head to Flax and Kale x H&M. The big H&M on Passeig de Gracia is the fanciest one you will ever see and right at the top is the cafe where Instagram dreams are made. 

Don't forget to look up. The architecture of this city is incredible and you will see touches of Gaudi's work wherever you go.

Explore St. Josep La Boqueria, the food market, and drink all of the coloured juices. 

Eat gelato all day, every day. The Nutella flavour one from Must Gelato was the best of them all. 

Go to Ocana, the coolest bar just off La Rambla. The best spot where you can sip wine, people watch and take selfies in the toilets.

Sip on vegan juices at Flax & Kale in the Gothic Quarter. After all the bread, gelato and tapas, a healthy lunch is the cure. I had the coconut fungi toast and it was divine. 

Have lots of beach days. We spent the majority of our time lying on the beach with beers and we couldn't have been happier. 

Party at the Port. There are plenty of clubs including Pacha and Opium right on the beach and you will have the best time. 

This is what the spirit measures in Spain does to your eyesight...

Walk everywhere. There is so much to see and walking around is the best way to see things you would normally miss.

Get lost down the little streets in the Gothic Quarter and stumble across the cutest tapas places for dinner and sangria. 

Barcelona is such an amazing city and we only explored a fraction of it. If it's on your list of places to visit, move it to the top because it's so, so worth it. 


Don't Mind If I Baileys @ Grind

Grind is the place where brunch dreams are made. Throw in some totally dreamy interiors, a cracking brunch menu and you've got yourself an instagrammers paradise.

Dotted in the key locations in London, you're bound to find one somewhere near you. 

I headed to London Bridge a couple of weeks ago and went for the baked eggs, washed down with an iced coffee, but I heard they had a little secret. And it might just be the best secret ever. 

They have teamed up with baking queen, Candice Brown, to give you a Baileys Mint Brownie Iced Latte. No need to think of Baileys as a Christmas tipple anymore, its nailed iced coffees and become a firm summer favourite. 

These beauties are available for a limited time and all you have to do is whisper "Don't mind if I Baileys" to the barista at Grind and they will whip one right up for you. A special secret that's not on the menu. 

Trust me, you will like it a latte. 


A Weekend in Paris

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Did you know it's quicker (and sometimes cheaper) to get to Paris than it is to Swansea? 

Bye bye Welsh cakes, hello baguettes.  

Here's what I recommend:

For the best burger 
Cafe Charlot in Marais was my favourite place in Paris and probably one of the best burgers I've eaten. Most places have outdoor seating, so after dinner you can drink wine and people watch until the early hours of the morning. 

Cafe Kitsune
From Tokyo to Paris, this coffee shop serves up the best coffee and it's situated in most peaceful area in Le Palais Royal. Grab a coffee and sit outside by the fountain - The best kind of caffeine fix. 

Being the tourist
Seeing all the landmarks is a must. I'm not overly fussed on doing all the touristy things and queuing for hours, but seeing these beauty's from a far is just as good. 

Titty Tee at the Louvre 

Baguettes and beers
Because, Paris. Le Nemours near the Louvre looks over a courtyard that had a mini orchestra playing some classical bangers - we ate ham and cheese baguettes and it was dreamy. 

Walk along Canal Saint-Martin
This area is quite hipster and people sit all along the side of the canal drinking beers. It's so relaxed with bearded French men aplenty. 

The breakfast offering is as delicious as you would imagine. Good coffee and croissants or Croque Madame with a runny egg. 

I fell a little in love with Paris and the laid back way of living. I didn't stop laughing, eating and drinking good beer and wine the whole weekend, I had the best time ever.  Plz take me back! 


Petersham Nurseries

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As much as I love London it's so nice to hop on a train and escape to somewhere with clean air.

This weekend I ventured to Richmond in search of deers and coffee, and made a pretty special discovery when I was there - Petersham Nurseries.

If you're fond of a cactus and wholesome, hearty food, there is nowhere better to go.

Nestled away amongst the trees with a green house vibe is the sweetest café ever. The sun was beaming in as we tucked into chicken pie and a sweet potato and chickpea stew. They have a seasonal menu that is produced with whatever is growing in the garden - this means ever-changing, fresh and delicious dishes all year around.

and of course there has to be dessert...no amount of savoury is complete without coffee and homemade cake.

When you're full up, it's then time to explore the nursery and shop and fall a little in love with everything.
This might just be my new favourite place.
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