London festivities

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I've forgotten what it feels like to be healthy, but what I can say, is that my first Christmas in London has been the best ever. It is by far the best place to be in the run up to Christmas.

These have been my fave festive things:

Ice skating at the museum.
Festive jumper - check.
Festive glasses - check.
I was surprisingly OK at ice-skating and I didn't even need a penguin as a guide. And of course no form of moving the legs would be complete without sausage and wine to replace all the energy that was lost...

All of the lights, all of the lights.
Slowly but surely I felt I made my way around all the twinkly lights of London. My fave was Covent Garden.

Festive drinking.
What's Christmas without a month long hangover? We headed to the Churchill Arms in Kensington and this is definitely my new, favourite pub in London.

Winter wonderland.
I wasn't expecting much from Winter Wonderland but I was very pleasantly surprised. We had such a great evening and there is soo much fun stuff to do there - like drinking beer and eating Bratwurst.

A cosy, winter lodge that plays Sean Paul - yep, that's a winner in my eyes.

Christmas, you da best. 



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