Bao London - The Best Buns in Town

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Bao has been on my list for a very long time. After trying the squidgy buns for the first time at Dinerama, I got slightly obsessed with the things. The Plate Licked Clean had also mentioned how good this place was which put it firmly at the top of my list. 

Something I've learnt very quickly about London - if you want good food you've got to be prepared to queue for it.

There are 2 Bao restaurants in London. One in Soho and one in Fitzrovia. We headed to the teeny Soho one and patiently queued with wine in plastic cups. 30 minutes later, which goes super quick when you're with faaaabalus company, we were called over and shown our seats.

I wouldn't recommend heading here if you want to sit around and gaze into someone's eyes. Only head here if you want delicious food and are happy being in and out within half an hour. BUT it will be half an hour very well spent, trust me.

Now on to the food. I went for the daikon and the confit pork bao's. Both mouthwateringly good and gone in 2 swift mouthfuls. I can say that the pork one was the best thing I've ever eaten.  They also gave me new beauty goals - one day I would like skin as soft as a bao bun. So silky and smooooth.

We also shared sweet potato fries that were drizzled in a plum ketchup, fried chicken, an aubergine dish with wonton crisps (highly recommend this) and scallops. We passed on the trotter nuggets but the guy next to us spoke very highly of them...

Everything is surprisingly filling and we left feeling completely stuffed and very satisfied.

We each had 2 bao's, shared 5 sides and had a drink each, it came to £70 which I was more than happy to pay because the food was so Bao-tiful.

So if you're looking to impress someone, need a quick bite before drinks or simply fancy loosing you Bao virginity - make sure it's here.



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