A Tanqueray Brunch

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There is nothing in life that makes me quite as happy as a boozy brunch. Especially when it involves gin. 

We all brought along a handful of ingredients and Soph and Bex rattled around in the kitchen and knocked up this impressive spread. We had a fennel and orange salad, tabbouleh and roast parsnip and sweet potato fries dunked in houmous - The dream.

So whist the girls prepared this, I was on gin duty!! 

I decided on grapefruit & thyme G&T's and this is how you make them:

You will need: 
A generous glug of Tanqueray (no measure required...) 
Pink grapefruit juice 
Fevertree Tonic 
Fresh grapefruit 
Spring of thyme 

How to: 
Pour your Tanqueray on ice 
Add 1/4 glass of pink grapefruit juice
Top up with Fevertree tonic 
Add 2 slices of thinly sliced grapefruit 
Finish with a sprig of thyme 
Drink it all and repeat lots of thymes 

They were delciously refreshing with a tinge of sharpness and we drank a lot of them. (as you should at a boozy brunch)

So if there is anything I can persuade you to do with a sunny afternoon, it is to grab your girls and do this. 

We sat, ate, laughed and sipped and had the best Saturday. 



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