Newbies guide to Peckham

I'm new to the big P, 8 days to be exact but I've managed to discover some gems already.

Mamma dough - I'm going through a serious pizza phase at the moment and lucky for me I live a short walk from Mamma Dough, and on moving day pizza simply has to be done - I had the butternut squash and feta one and it was bloody lovely. 

Frank's cafe - Open for the summer and located on the top floor of a car park you will find Frank's, a rooftop bar with magical views of the city. We sat here for an afternoon and fried under the sun and I fell a little in love with Peckham. Ladies, if you're squeamish, I would suggest you avoid the toilets... 

Bar story - a hop and a skip from Peckham Rye train station will have you at Bar Story. Good music, pizza and cocktails. Head there from 6-7pm for 2 cocktails for £9 - The perfect spot to be-gin the night.

Peckham Springs - right opposite Bar Story is Peckham Springs. I will say one thing: Frozen margaritas. I spent a night here with the girls once and all I could I think about for weeks was dem frozen margaritas. It's the perfect place if there's a big group of you who want to catch up, drink and eat some wings. 

The Black Bird Bakery - find this gem under Queens Road Station. Get your freshly baked bread, have a good coffee and enjoy Parmesan baked eggs. Best.thing.ever.

Bellenden Road - my besties live on this road and I love it. If you want to eat, drink, buy a birthday card, yellow courgette, old cupboard, bike or cactus you can find it here.

Anderson and co - A Bellenden Road charm, I believe Anderson's is the go to place for all of things delicious. Coffee, breakfast, cakes, errthing. I had fluffy scrambles with juicy, baby chorizo sausages - delish. They have a gorgeous conservatory at the back which would be delightful rain or shine.

And that my friends is where I have got to so far, if you know of any places I simply MUST try, let me know! 



  1. Get your Persian fix and have some decent Iranian fare from Sally Butcher (Mrs. Shopkeeper) at Persepolis on Peckham High Street - it's the big yellow building with the magic portal to another dimension (currently closed - use the front door instead) (@PersiainPeckham)

    Spend some time and money on the existing Peckham community by getting your fruits and vegetables from the Nigerian and Ghanaian market stalls on Rye Lane, shop for trinkets in Holdron' Arcade, or just get some jerk wings from Soul Food: gentrification, partly due to the 1995 £90million modernisation of Bellenden Road, which brought in places like Bar Story and Frank's, is gradually pushing these long-established intermingled communities out and forcing them to shut up shop. Peckham can only thrive if all within it can co-exist, otherwise it just becomes another whitewashed Shoreditch. Which is terrible.

    Spend some time alone or with friends at the Peckham Pelican; convivial atmosphere, and a good place to do a spot of writing while you have coffee from your favourite mug hanging on the wall. There's literary events abound. (@PeckhamPelican)

    Buy a few quarters at The Four Quarters (@fourquartersbar) and use them to try to get a high score on Pacman or other 1980s arcades. There's a Berliner-style bunker underneath which feels very East Germany, 1982.

    Eat the most delicious Greco-Balkan fusion you'll ever have at Peckham Bazaar (@PeckhamBazaar). It's in my top 10 restaurants of all time.

    Go back in time and feel like you're wandering into a Vaudeville theatre at the Peckham Liberal Club. You have to be a member (£20 a year) to go there normally, and the bar area is where the last remaining genuine Peckhamites live, but they have lots of events throughout the year, like dance classes, musical recitals, and Christmas markets. (@PeckhamLibClub)

    The Nines around the side of the Bussey Building is a good spot to have a drink in the sunshine, and Forzawin, down by the Copeland Road end, does a bowl of pasta and a beer for £10 every Wednesday. It's really good stuff. John the Unicorn has just opened on Rye Lane - but I prefer their other bar, The Hope, just off Peckham High Street. The Dead Dolls' House (now reverted back to The Clayton Arms) near Morrisons also does good cocktails.

    But yeah, if you're new to Peckham, please try to realise that there's so much more than visiting the safe gentrified spots; spend a little time and money on the businesses of local folks that have been living and working here since the 1950s and have made the vibrancy of Peckham what it is today. Without it, there wouldn't be any soul.

  2. Try a burrito from Filishack located under Peckham Arch. I cannot recommend these highly enough. Best £4 you'll spend in Peckham, Yum

  3. As an area that has been heavily gentrified and is now populated with a certain demographic from far and away, do you feel that your experience is actually the peckham experience and also have you immersed yourself in the genuine community that is in Peckham and the culture that is there. Or would you say mainly the shiny bit that seems safer for emotional stability? Thanks JD


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