Not Just Burger and Lobster

Burger and lobster wouldn't usually be my choice of foodie hot spot - I love a good menu with lots of choice and the thought of only having 2 options makes me on edge. 

So in Cardiff, with local burger joints aplenty, this place has never been on my radar...until now. 

The Cardiff person (me) : loves good grub, loves a bargain, loves a sweet potato fry, LOVES choice. 

So when I got a cheeky invite asking if I would like to try a couple of their new dishes, I did a little lobster dance (if you're  wondering it's a bit like a Spanish dance when they use the clippidy things with their arms in the air) 

We booked a table on Wednesday and the place was packed. You suddenly forget you're slap bang in the middle of Cardiff. The overall vibe is really great with staff that look like they actually enjoy working. 

We took to the table to choose our sides - I was Team Burger - it wasn't a hard choice when I heard there was blue cheese and bacon. I also opted for some sweet potato fries and the aptly named Holy Fuck Hot Sauce, which I think every person mumbles under their breath when they've dunked a chip. 

We ordered a couple of sides to have a nibble on before the main event. We got the beef brisket nachos and the lobster  mac and cheese which I would highly recommend - hot molten, cheesy deliciousness and not too fishy, just perfect. 

THEN this arrived. 

6oz of British beef with all the extras. Blue cheese, chedder and bacon. AND what's more, they ask you how you like your burger cooked - medium rare please. 

I love a good burger and I have eaten a fair few in my time, but I can confirm that this is the best burger I have ever had. It was cooked to perfection, packed nicely, the ideal size AND the best part - this one will only set you back £8. 

Nina ordered the lobster and had the bib to prove it, it was delicious but quite a mission to eat and I don't think I would ever order it, I like my food ready to inhale.

So after undoing my jeans (no shame) we saw a flurry of desserts whiz past, I'm sure we can squeeze something little in...

and if you can squeeze anything in, make sure it's the meringue, or the sundae or the passion fruit creme brulee, or all of them. I can assure you it will be the best decision you will probably ever make.

After a fabulous evening, we then went back on the Friday evening to sample cocktails and canapés - I ate my body weight in lobster rolls and had a cracking time. 

I will most definitely be returning because even though aspects of the menu can be pricey, I've realised it's totally worth it and with more options and cheaper alternatives, I think B&L is soon to be the go to place in Cardiff.  



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