Sunset Supper Club

So word on the street was that there was a Thai food speakeasy coming to town. It's run by my favourite street food pop up, Brother Thai, I heard there would be cocktails and Thai food and that's enough persuading for me.

It's top secret so I won't tell you too much or the tourist police will be after me. So what I can say is if you love food, have ever been or wanted to go to Thailand - just take my word and book a table ASAP, they will be running every Friday and Saturday throughout April in a secret location in Cardiff City Centre, there is very limited seating so be quick!

You book from ringing 07936842549 and leaving your details and it goes from there. You will be provided with a map so just take your compass and you will be fine. It all reminded me a bit of the film The Beach - That secret map that takes them to complete paradise but the tourists can't find out - That's a bit like Sunset Supper Club.

It's a place to completely switch off and have amazing food and drink with your favourite people. I felt completely relaxed and so happy when I was there, they have created such an amazing, well thought out experience that is a MUST for all foodies or anyone who loves something a bit different.

I went to Thailand this time last year and completely fell in love with everything about it,  I felt like I was transported back last night and that made me very happy indeed.

TIP: Wear something comfy, clean socks and why not some sunnies?!

You can find out more info on their Twitter & Facebook on how to have yourself a 
a proper Thai-dee evening.



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    1. I totally agree. I'm quite partial to a spoonful of peanut butter after every meal...


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