My 20 Fave Twitter Accounts

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Whenever I have a spare minute you will find me scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and either crying over a picture of a dog with one leg who has been rescued or laughing uncontrollably over a faceswap. ANYWAY these are some of my fave twitter accounts: 

Welsh Girl Problems
Because every Welsh person can relate.
Innocent Drinks
This is what I call a GREAT twitter account. If you are ever feeling sad, type Innocent into twitter and all will be fixed. You will be LOLing all the way to the shop to buy smoothies.
The Lad Bible
I am not ashamed to say that I look at The Lad Bible twitter everyday and this is why:
Rosie Londoner
For some major clothes/food/dog/hair/life goals.
A truly spiffing feed of posh totty's and all things royal.
Park Plaza Cardiff 
Because it's simply the best.
Hogwarts Logic 
A MUST for all Harry Potter fans.
The Queen
Because I think we could be great friends.
Very British Problems
Because you suddenly realise how British you actually are.
Hungry City Hippy 
For all Welsh food and drink knowledge, there is nowhere better to look than Hungry City Hippy's feed because she will have been there and done it.
Isabella Thordsen
For Major Scandi home and style envy.
The Little Nomad
My one stop for corgi cuteness, burgers and hot tinder goss. 
Explore with Ed
Jamie takes the best pictures and manages to make you very hungry with just one scroll.
The Food Medic
There is nothing that can make me do a set of squats more than Hazel's Twitter. Killer abs/hair/everything.

Spectrum Brushes
Because there is such thing a beautiful makeup brush.

Miss Bonda
Cardiff look out, we've got a new foodie on the scene. A feed that will make you want all of the burgers.

Deliciously Ella
I am a big Ella fan and dig out my books whenever I am in need of a healthy meal. A feed full of delicious recipes and drool worthy pictures.

Sophie Ball 
Many know her as Breasty & Small and the Queen of Brownies. If you need a recommendation of the best burger or pizza in Cardiff, ask Balls.

Because there's no such thing as too much pink and too many pictures of fancy cakes and cocktails.

Sarah Wilson
Hot Aussie and Queen of the 'I Quit Sugar' movement. Expect sugar facts to blow your mind and super tasty, wholesome recipes.

and of course there is ME. Expect pictures of my cat, crushed avocado and all things foodie.


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