Base & Barley, Cardiff.

Good coffee - Check
Brunch - Check
Sourdough pizza - Check

Are you sold already?

One of Cardiff's newbies, previously known as Artigiano, has had a re-name and a rather dashing makeover.

Although it's new on the scene I've managed to try the brunch, lunch and cocktail menu - All research of course...

Brunch time: Let me just tell you about the veggie breakfast. Thick buttery sourdough, perfectly poached eggs, beans you could never get out of a tin (my highlight), avocado and an array of grilled veggies - It's a 10/10 from me.

Lunch Time: Another highlight and a MUST is their sourdough pizza. They do smaller sizes at lunch which are perfect and they come with a mini side salad which doesn't make you feel so bad for inhaling all of the cheesy carbs.

Cocktail Time: When it comes to the cocktail list, their bramble is the most delicious I have had in a while. I would highly recommend it here for after work drinks - tried and tested.

I first visited when they just opened and there seemed to be a couple of teething problems BUT they have won me over with that breakfast and my visits after that have been spot on. So take a pizza my advice and get yourself to Base & Barley. You can find it at the bottom of Queen's Street (nearest to QS Station) and it's definitely worth checking out. 



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