Buddha Bowl

Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
Although I can be found inhaling Malteaser Bunnies on the regular, I do listen to my body and know when I am in need of some proper nourishment and healing. 

Cue the Buddha Bowl - Named aptly for it's full, rounded appearance like mine Buddha's belly.

For this heaped bowl of goodness you will need: 
  • Roasted Root Veggies - I go for whatever I have rolling around my shelves - Sweet potato, squash, carrots, onion. 
  • Steamed Kale
  • Tin of chickpeas 
  • Spices - Again I use whatever is to hand, usually a mix of turmeric - The most fabulous anti-inflammatory spice. Crushed chillies - A bit of spice never hurt no one. Paprika - Because I have 3 bags in the cupboard and I put it with EVERYTHING. A sprinkle of ground ginger - Adds a nice kick & cumin - Because I love the flavour.
  • Cherry Tomato's
  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Olive oil
  • Halloumi
  • Houmous 
  • Seed mix
  • Salt & pepper

How to:
  • Chop your veg and pop in a roasting dish, add a drizzle of oil, S&P and a sprinkle of crushed chillies. Put in the oven for around 45/60 mins. (If you are adding onion/tomatoes do this after the veg have been in around 30 mins or they will burn)
  • Drain your chickpeas and make your spice mix - in a small bowl, add a generous drizzle of olive oil and S&P then a teaspoon of tumeric, chillies, paprika, cumin and 1/4 teaspoon of ginger. Pour over your chickpeas and give it a wiggle. I fry these in coconut oil for about 5/10 mins. I do this when the roast veg has been in for 45 mins. 
  • Steam your greens for around 7 - 9 mins.
  • Once your chickpeas are toasty, put in a side bowl and add a dollop of coconut oil and start to cook your halloumi in the same pan. All the flavours from the spices make it extra tasty and the coconut oil gives it a subtle sweetness.
  • Once all is cooked, add your greens as a base, then throw your roast veg on, sprinkle a handful of chickpeas on, add a dollop of houmous, sprinkle your seeds over, add your halloumi and finish with a drizzle of olive oil and pepper. 

So whenever I'm feeling a little run down or have had an unhealthy day, I swap my Buddha belly for a Buddha bowl and instantly feel better.

Buddha, You da best.


Breakfasting in Swansea

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Swansea is my hometown and I am always in search of new places to snuggle into and eat toast when I am home. These are my favourite 3 that you must try:

The Gower Kitchen

Situated in the bustle of Uplands is a very cute and very British looking venue. It's just like stepping into someone's cosy living room making it the perfect spot for a pot of tea and catch up.

Expect: Thick, hearty toast and the best Eggs Benedict in Swansea. Say bye bye to toasted muffins and hello to door stop toast.

Square Peg Coffee

I felt like Swansea was in need of a really good coffee shop and Square Peg Coffee is just that. Nothing can beat a good coffee and this is quite possibly the best cup I've had in a while.

Expect: The BEST cappuccino ever and some very talented barista's who know their stuff, a delicious  mini brunch menu, cool interiors and some scrummy home made cakes.

The Kitchen Table

In a cute corner of Mumbles Road you will find this little gem, Perfect for an early morning fill of the tum before a walk along the prom, 

Expect: Great veggie/healthy options, hearty breakfasts, buttery sourdough toast and a homely feel.

If there is somewhere that I simply must try, hit me up as I am forever googling 'Best Breakfast' when I get on the train home to Swansea. 

I don't know about you but I'm in need of some eggy toast after that. Happy Sunday!


Pancake Day - Best day of the Year

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If there is any advice that I can give you when it comes to making pancakes, it is - Stick to what you know.

Or like myself you could be seriously jeopardizing your relationship. I have given up trying to get creative with pancakes as it has often resulted in a mound of soggy ingredients, 10 banana skins and a near break up. Proof here

You can try to make your pancakes vegan, vegetarian, gluten, wheat and dairy free BUT nothing can compare to a plain and simple FLOURY disk of deliciousness. 

After many disastrous attempts, this year I left it to the man. I was in charge of toppings, tea and eating them. (I think I did a pretty good job)

But I did keep a close eye and wrote every snippet down for safe keeping.

For these little, fluffy fellas you will need:
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 & 1/2 mugs of flour
  • 1 mug of milk
  • Coconut oil for cooking 
  • A lot of other scrummy toppings

How to:
  • Start by grilling your most important ingredient - Bacon.
  • Crack your 2 eggs into the blender
  • Add 1 mug of flour and 1 mug of milk - Give it a whirl.
  • It shouldn't be too watery, so we added another 1/2 mug of flour so the consistancy is quite thick.

  • Add your coconut oil to the pan and put it on a high heat to begin with. Let it melt and then pour in your mixture to make a small circle in the middle of the pan. Cook on one side until it looks like there are little bubbles then FLIP.

  • Do the same on the other side then flip right into an oven proof dish and put it in the bottom of the oven to keep warm.
  • Continue with the rest of the mixture - this should be timed perfectly with your bacon being cooked. Then for the best bit. Tucking in.
  • Pour your tea and eat until your heart is content.

This years winning toppings:
The Collective Morello Cherry Yogurt with a hint or Kirsch.
Meridian Peanut butter and strawberries (obviously)
Bacon, honey and lemon.

There you have it, hope you have a flippin' marvellous Pancake Day! 


Squirrel Review

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Remember when I was raving about Hardies Supper Club last year? Well Chris has now taken over the evenings at the Uplands newbie, Squirrel. Expect a menu that is just as experimental and a gin cocktail list that is bound to be-gin your night the right way.

Seated in a snug corner, we started the evening with the soup appetiser, which was tomato and served in a shot glass, now this is my type of shot. 

After a quick slurp it was gone and I was ready the main event. I went for the 'Not Fish & Chips' - Forget your boring fish and chips, this one is a twist on the classic seaside favourite; Curried, battered halloumi, minted mushy peas (my highlight) and cherry salsa. All completely different flavours but surprisingly worked well together. I'm not a vegetarian but often opt for the veggie version when I'm out, I find it's a lot harder to flavour vegetarian food and Chris most certainly nailed this.

My date (my mum) went for the 8oz of Welsh rump steak which she had inhaled by the time I had finished Instagramming, so it must have been nice.

I was officially stuffed BUT one could never turn down Joe's Ice-cream and coffee in the form of an amazing affogato. After many failed attempts of trying to get my mum to boomerang the hot coffee pouring onto the ice-cream, we gave in and ate it ALL instead.

This was then washed down by a rather different G&T, which was made up of sloe gin, orange, cloves and tonic - It was berry delicious and like winter in a cup.

We went to Squirrel on a Friday evening but unfortunately due to the horizontal rain it was very quiet but I have high hopes for this place and am 100% behind local businesses who are passionate about food like this one. 

The menu changes monthly and with 3 courses for £19.95, what's not to love?

Thank you Chris and Squirrel for a wonderful evening, I will be back!


Roast tomato and red pepper soup

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remember when I was young I could never finish a whole tin of tomato soup - too filling. This is when I knew I had reached adulthood because I could slurp the whole thing in one. 

So now that I'm a grown up, it's time to scrap the tin and make it from scratch. 

You will need: 

  • 500g of vine tomatoes 
  • 4 cloves of garlic 
  • 1 red onion 
  • 1 red pepper 
  • 250ml of veg stock
  • Chilli flakes 
  • Salt and pepper 
  • Creme fraiche 
  • 1 egg
  • Seed mix
  • Sourdough

How to:

  • Place the whole tomatoes on the oven tray with the peeled garlic cloves, chopped and deseeded pepper, chunky cut red onion and add a sprinkle of s + p and good drizzle of olive oil. 

  • Put in the oven on gas mark 200 and cook for 40 mins. 
  • Once roasted, peel the skins off the tomatoes, garlic and peppers and pop into the blender with the stock, chilli flakes, onions and sweet juices from the tray.
  • Give it a blitz but not too much, it's good when it's nice and chunky.
  • Pour in to your saucepan and heat.
  • Poach your egg in a different pan.
  • Once both are done, pour your soup into your bowl, add a dollop of Creme fraiche and give it a stir.
  • Plop your egg into the soup, add some crushed pepper and sprinkle with seeds. 

  • Serve with toasted sourdough and dunk until your heart is content. 

Voila, some home made soup better than anything you could get in a tin. 


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