A Weekend in Nuremberg - Take 2

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I recently returned from my annual trip to Nuremburg to visit one of the besties.

On my last trip we did a lot of sightseeing - so this time we took it easy and spent the majority of the time eating bread, inhaling German chocolate, drinking gin and I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time.

If you find yourself in this pretty, little city here's what I would recommend:

If you want to dance
Head to Rosi Schulz- it's a little bar with saucy images strewn across the walls, strong drinks (Germans don't do measures) and a cracking dj. We danced all night relived our uni days.


If you want a good breakfast
head to Deins & Meins - it's peaceful, homely and the bread was doughy, delicious and everything I wanted and more. A scrumptious breakfast spot!

If you want a good lunch
Head to Katz - the menus everywhere are in German so our translater, April, would give us an idea and we would pick our favourite. It's quite exciting because you don't really know what you're going to get. I had fresh honey and lemon and a scrummy prosciutto and cream cheese toasted sandwich. The perfect hideaway if the weather isn't too great outside.

If you want a burger
Head to Kuhmuhne. The vibe was amazing in here, it was super busy, the music was loud, the wine was flowing and the burgers were incredible. Medium rare cheese burger with a mountain of sweet potato fries - the dream.


If you want a snack
Head to a bakery. Pretzels are the best thing in the world - seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper and best lathered in butter. Grab one with a coffee and take a walk around the city, it's the best way to spend an afternoon. Or if you're like me, lie on the sofa tearing bits off and dipping it in butter...your choice.

If you're feeling arty
Head to Neues Museum. All the shops are closed on a Sunday so it's a great day to walk around and explore. The museum is only €1 on a Sunday so we headed there and got shouted at for standing too close to the paintings. It's a really beautiful space and they have an impressive book shop on the way out that you could get lost in for ages.


If you want good coffee
Head to Bergbrand. It's a lovely spot to sit in the window after a long walk and drink up some good coffee before exploring some more.

It was a short but very sweet trip and the best mini break away from the bustle of London. If you're curious about other fun things to do, I wrote about my trip to Nuremburg last year here.

A Fabulous trip with some fabulous ladies.

See you next year, Germany!


KERB Camden

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The latest edition to the KERB family has popped up in Camden and oh boy, it's a good one. Stalls upon stalls on sweet, sweet street food.

If you're vegetarian, vegan or the biggest meat eater out there - you will find something delicious within the 35 stalls.

These were my favourite things:

Halloumi fries from Oli Baba's - yes, that's right. Sticks of halloumi, deep fried and drizzled with a tangy dressing and sprinkled with fresh herbs and pomegranate.

The Patate - this was my favourite. Nothing says French cuisine like a beef bourguignon burger, it was grilled with the cheese melted on top and put into a squidgy bun. Simple but amazing and I would highly recommend trying this one!

Toastits- best name ever. We had the avocado and Bloody Mary toasties sprinkled with bacon. These would be the most amazing brunchtime/lunchtime snacks and I will certainly be finding them one lunchtime for toasties and tea.

Ghetto Grillz - I went for the Rueben with salt beef and melted cheese. When it comes to bagels it simply has to be done. It was a messy eat but completely worth it.

Blu Top - with all the savory, there has to be some sweet. We went for the ice cream sandwiches. I had the Sea Monkey ice cream which was dark chocolate with peanuts and a cinnamon cookie. The perfect end to an evening of eating.

It's worth mentioning that the drinks are also great here. Some fab beers on tap and not to mention a cracking G&T made with local Camden gin.

KERB opened in Camden yesterday and it is 100% worth a visit. It's right on the river so the perfect spot for beers, burgers and basking in the sun.


Newbies guide to Peckham

I'm new to the big P, 8 days to be exact but I've managed to discover some gems already.

Mamma dough - I'm going through a serious pizza phase at the moment and lucky for me I live a short walk from Mamma Dough, and on moving day pizza simply has to be done - I had the butternut squash and feta one and it was bloody lovely. 

Frank's cafe - Open for the summer and located on the top floor of a car park you will find Frank's, a rooftop bar with magical views of the city. We sat here for an afternoon and fried under the sun and I fell a little in love with Peckham. Ladies, if you're squeamish, I would suggest you avoid the toilets... 

Bar story - a hop and a skip from Peckham Rye train station will have you at Bar Story. Good music, pizza and cocktails. Head there from 6-7pm for 2 cocktails for £9 - The perfect spot to be-gin the night.

Peckham Springs - right opposite Bar Story is Peckham Springs. I will say one thing: Frozen margaritas. I spent a night here with the girls once and all I could I think about for weeks was dem frozen margaritas. It's the perfect place if there's a big group of you who want to catch up, drink and eat some wings. 

The Black Bird Bakery - find this gem under Queens Road Station. Get your freshly baked bread, have a good coffee and enjoy Parmesan baked eggs. Best.thing.ever.

Bellenden Road - my besties live on this road and I love it. If you want to eat, drink, buy a birthday card, yellow courgette, old cupboard, bike or cactus you can find it here.

Anderson and co - A Bellenden Road charm, I believe Anderson's is the go to place for all of things delicious. Coffee, breakfast, cakes, errthing. I had fluffy scrambles with juicy, baby chorizo sausages - delish. They have a gorgeous conservatory at the back which would be delightful rain or shine.

And that my friends is where I have got to so far, if you know of any places I simply MUST try, let me know! 


Dusty Knuckle

Surely you've heard of Dusty Knuckle? It's only the best pizza in Cardiff, and quite possibly the world.

They have just moved to their new home in The PrintHaus in Canton and it's a real gem. Lanterns, lights, burning fires, pizza - an Instagrammers dream.

I've recently moved to the big smoke and couldn't think of a more perfect place to say goodbye to my favourite Cardiff foodies. The guys at Dusty kindly opened for us to eat pizza and drink wine with them last Monday.

We gathered with bottles aplenty and hungry bellies to a menu which was a corker.

We started with the antipasti boards which were the perfect starter, full of cheese, bread, meats, olives and chutney. 

Then for the main event. We had 3 of every pizza for the table and I will walk you through them. If you go I would definitely recommend ordering a few different ones and sharing them because they were all amazing and so different to the standard pizza's you find in a lot of places.

Peaches - a vegan dream with peaches, burnt chicory, pine nuts and marjoram gremolata.

Ndula - meaty and delicious with piles of waygu beef and fresh Tommy t's. (This one went down very well with the meat lovers amongst us.)

Goats cheese - I bloody love anything with goats cheese, this one was with caramelised red onion. *heart eye emoji* 

Smoked salmon - this was the winner for me. I would never usually order smoked salmon because I'm not the biggest seafood fan, but this was INCREDIBLE. Like smoked salmon and cream cheese but a squillion times better.

White one - cheesey and delicious with new potatoes and purple sweet potato. Carb on carb, that's what I like.

Pepperoni - plain, simple and perfect, just like a pepperoni pizza should be.

After the carb overload, we were wondering if there was any room in our jeans for dessert and then they brought this over...

Baked by the wonderful Pwdin Cart, I can confirm it's the best chocolate fudge cake I've ever had.

Long hair problemz

Thank you to Dusty Knuckle for the entire evening, Pwdin Cart for the sugar, everyone who came along and a huge thank you to The Kitchen Clonk who was missed greatly and kindly paid for my evening, which was a lovely surprise.

I've met such a fabulous bunch of foodies in Cardiff who have all welcomed me into their lovely group and I've had some of the best nights with them. I'm already excited to come back to eat and drink some more with them.


Until then, London's calling!


Pancake Day - Best day of the Year

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If there is any advice that I can give you when it comes to making pancakes, it is - Stick to what you know.

Or like myself you could be seriously jeopardizing your relationship. I have given up trying to get creative with pancakes as it has often resulted in a mound of soggy ingredients, 10 banana skins and a near break up. Proof here

You can try to make your pancakes vegan, vegetarian, gluten, wheat and dairy free BUT nothing can compare to a plain and simple FLOURY disk of deliciousness. 

After many disastrous attempts, this year I left it to the man. I was in charge of toppings, tea and eating them. (I think I did a pretty good job)

But I did keep a close eye and wrote every snippet down for safe keeping.

For these little, fluffy fellas you will need:
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 & 1/2 mugs of flour
  • 1 mug of milk
  • Coconut oil for cooking 
  • A lot of other scrummy toppings

How to:
  • Start by grilling your most important ingredient - Bacon.
  • Crack your 2 eggs into the blender
  • Add 1 mug of flour and 1 mug of milk - Give it a whirl.
  • It shouldn't be too watery, so we added another 1/2 mug of flour so the consistancy is quite thick.

  • Add your coconut oil to the pan and put it on a high heat to begin with. Let it melt and then pour in your mixture to make a small circle in the middle of the pan. Cook on one side until it looks like there are little bubbles then FLIP.

  • Do the same on the other side then flip right into an oven proof dish and put it in the bottom of the oven to keep warm.
  • Continue with the rest of the mixture - this should be timed perfectly with your bacon being cooked. Then for the best bit. Tucking in.
  • Pour your tea and eat until your heart is content.

This years winning toppings:
The Collective Morello Cherry Yogurt with a hint or Kirsch.
Meridian Peanut butter and strawberries (obviously)
Bacon, honey and lemon.

There you have it, hope you have a flippin' marvellous Pancake Day! 

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