Christmas revisited

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Hands up who's put on 5 stone and Christmas week has only just began? *raises hand* 

I wrote this post on Christmas last year which I rediscovered the other day and I just had to revisit it with some new favourites.

Sitting comfortably with a cuppa and a fat slice of Christmas cake?...I AM.

These are some of my favourite things about the festive season:

Feeling like Rowan Atkinson in  Love Actually  when wrapping presents - This is my time to shine.

Charades!!..unless you get Free Willy, then that's just awkward.

Looking into the ends of all the Christmas crackers and making sure the best one is by your plate.

Getting to wear a crown at the dinner table.

The Ultimate cheat day - 24 hours where you can eat anything and everything, because calories don't count.

Getting to eat chocolate before breakfast everyday. Hello advent, I like you.

Festive flavored coffees. Even if I have had a tub of Quality Street already this morning, I can't resist a gingerbread is Christmas after all. 

Stag Coffee
Secret Santa - The real test to see if you actually listen to your friends/fellow colleagues.

When its perfectly normal to hang a big sock on your door, that is filled with satsumas and an eyebrow pencil on Christmas morning.

Christmas shopping - The best competitive sport around.

Hot wine... serve this to me in June and that is one very bad trip adviser review, but in December why the devil not? 

Patiently waiting for the pyjama fairy to come with the goods on Christmas eve.

Christmas Jumper Day - The only day of the year where you can wear the ugliest thing in your wardrobe and people think it's GREAT.

Drinking and eating non stop for 3 days straight.

Regretting drinking and eating for 3 days straight when your jeans no longer fit.

Turkey sandwiches, turkey dinner, turkey curry, turkey soup - No wonder we only have this bird once a year.

A month long hangover. Festive season = Hair of the dog x 31.

Gingerbread EVERYTHING. Even for breakfast? The answer will always be a yes.

 The Collective Gingerbread Yogurt
The Collective Gingerbread Yogurt
Putting a scarf on your cat because you don't want them to miss out on the festivities... 

So I must get my elasticated jeans at the ready and prepare for some over eating, under sleeping and many renditions of the entire Michael Buble Christmas album.

I totally get where Buddy the Elf was coming from here, I am also this excited.

Have a lovely Christmas!


Chai Tea Latte Oats

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Tis' the season of cinnamon on everything and chocolate for breakfast. 

December you're my favourite. 

As you know I love a chai latte, so I gave this little oaty recipe a chai twist. I raided my cupboards of all my supply's which turned out to be the best idea I've had all year. 

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite drinks, say hello to my Chai Tea Latte Oats.

You will need:
  • 1 vanilla chai teabag (brewed)
  • Rolled oats
  • Alpro oat milk
  • Cinnamon 
  • Honey
  • Raw chocolate

As it is the festive season I didn't want to deprive you of chocolate before breakfast, so I just had to throw some in the mix.

How to: 
  • Pour hot water over your teabag until it covers it and leave to brew for about 10 mins.
  • Start to cook your oats in your oat milk on a low heat.
  • Take the teabag out and pour the delicious chai into your the pan and give it a stir. 
  • Once cooked - I usually cook mine for about 10 mins, pour into your bowl and add a great big drizzle of honey. 
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon and top with raw chocolate and give it a stir so it melts into the oats.

It's like a great big oaty, chai latte and one of my staple Christmas breakfasts. All that's left to do is add some fluffy socks, put on a Christmas film and tuck in.

Happy feasting


Getting Festive at Locke & Remedy

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I got asked if I would like to sample Locke & Remedy's Christmas menu. There were also cocktails thrown into the festive equation - I'm in.

I started the evening with a cocktail that I think was named after myself - The Welsh Princess. I was wearing my festive princess shoes so it was a must.

Previous to the event I had been feeling a little under the weather, so the bar tender kindly whipped up an Old Wives Tale which consisted of gin, Limoncello, fresh lemon juice, honey & cloudy lemonade - Basically like the most delicious medicine ever. A few of us even got to shake some up for ourselves! 

Now on to the seriously tasty stuff. First of all if you haven't been to Locke & Remedy and tried their sourdough pizzas, I demand you to right away. This special kind was topped with pork & sage stuffing & maple bacon. *insert heart eye emoji*

The burger was packed full of festive goodness - Spiced buttermilk fried turkey, with a bacon wrapped sage patty and cranberry mayo. My jeans felt rather tight afterwards but I don't regret a single calorie. 

I'm contemplating swapping the traditional roast for pizza & burgers this year, because that totally won me over and had me feeling very festive and completely stuffed - How every meal at Christmas should.

Locke & Remedy's festive menu is now available but won't be sticking around for long. Grab your Santa hat and make your merry way to L & R for the best Christmas grub around. 

Thank you Su, Locke & Remedy & fellow food bloggers for a fabulous evening.

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