National Curry Week

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A good curry is one of my warming winter favourites. If you don't have time to cook one from scratch this week for National Curry Week, FEAR NOT, let Tiger Tiger do all the hard work.

I love making any sauce I use from scratch, but when I was asked to sample these beauty's I was intrigued to see if they tasted anywhere as delicious as mine...

I decided on the Rogan Josh - Who's he?...I can tell you he is an absolute hotty.

This one is usually served with lamb but I bent the rules a little and went with chicken.

You will need:
How to:
  • Fry your chicken strips in coconut oil and after 5 mins add the curry sauce and handful of coriander and stir it up.
  • Cook your bulgur wheat. When it's done add a glug of olive oil, S & P, squeeze of lemon and finish with a handful of coriander.
  • After 5-7 mins of cooking, ITS READY.
Yep, it's that easy. The 3 simplest steps EVER that will have dinner was on the table within 20 minutes and eaten within 1.

I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was, I was expecting something bland with no kick but it was the complete opposite. It was delciously tomatoey with the perfect amount of spice. I also think this would be very yummy as a veggie curry...Watch this space. 

So this Friday, forget the takeaway and tikka chance with Tiger Tiger. It is National Curry Week after all...



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