teapigs Bramble

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After the success of my last teapigs and gin post, my mind was ticking as to what other delicious recipes I could try. 

Say a great big HIYA to my teapigs bramble.

For this marvellous creation you will need:

  • Fresh raspberries and blackberries 
  • A lemon 
  • Xylitol or caster sugar
  • Ice 

How to: 

  • Brew 2 super fruits teabags, leave to cool and pop in the fridge.
  • Once brewed and chilled, take the teabags out. Mash up a handful of raspberries. 

  • I don't have a cocktail shaker so used a big Kilner jar. Put your tea, squeezed lemon juice, raspberries, spoonful of xylitol and gin in.
  • Put Beyonce on, dance around the kitchen and shake up all your ingredients. 
  • After a full routine of single ladies, your cocktail should be ready to pour. 
  • Fill your cup with lots of ice, pour the goodness in and finish with blackberries and some cute straws. 

After all that shaking you deserve a drink.

Bottoms up 



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