Hardie's Supper Club

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Supper Clubs are things I hear of in distant places like The Big Smoke. I've wanted to try one for ages and Chris answered my foodie dreams when he told me all about Hardies Supper Club. From pop up street food shacks to adventurous sit down meals you can expect that all and more here. 

This particular event was called Rebellious and took Inspiration from some of history's great rebels. 

We were welcomed with a lemon thyme champagne cocktail inspired by Marie Antoinette - A lady who I think I would have liked very much and a cocktail I had a lot of thyme for. 

Next up was Ghandi and this was one of my favourites. A little salad bowl and an ale bottle filled with soup landed on the table. The idea was to pour the warm spiced pumpkin soup over the contents of the bowl which had peashoots, bread and goats cheese which melted like hot molten deliciousness. It was a bowl of autumn goodness that left me feeling warm and slightly fuzzy afterwards. 

Now it was time for the fish dish inspired by William Wallace. It was a wee course but a taster that left you wanting more. To the faint sound of bagpipes playing I inhaled my scallop with caviar. Sea food is my least favourite of all the food groups but I was pleasantly surprised by this little dish which was finished with a sherry and white chocolate sauce.

NOW came my favourite dish inspired by Martin Luther King. I am ashamed to say I had never tried ribs before. It looks like messy business and I don't own a bib, so I have always avoided them. This one had no bones and was certainly not a skinny piggy, it was big, juicy, well glazed and totally delicious. Hello smoked ribs, I'll be seeing you again soon. This dish came with rice & beans, braised cabbage, bbq reductions and buttermilk cornbreads. To the sound of American blues playing we tucked in and didn't speak until we had both finished - The sign of a good meal.

Time for the grand finale. The dessert was based on Che Guevara and was possibly the coolest thing ever. After a quick smoke, it was all gone. Anything that is chocolatey doesn't last long around me and this chocolatey cigar was exceptional. It was served with smoked citrus mousse and spiced ash.

I feel like Chris captured each rebel perfectly and put so much thought and imagination into each dish. The flavours were to die for and the concept of a supper club is now my new favourite thing. 

Thank you Hardie's Supper Club and Steam in Uplands for a fabulous evening, you will definitely be seeing me again soon.



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