Birthday trEATS

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As you are probably aware, I LOVE birthdays. I've been going on about this one since 7th September last year. I'm quarter of a century old now, that's kind of a big deal.

Choosing the place to spend my last precious hours as a 24 year old was easy. Waterloo Tea Gardens was the first place I discovered when I moved to Cardiff and I fell very much in love with it. 

My besties from home came to join me for a pre birthday brekkie. We all went for the poached eggs on sourdough with spinach and hollandaise sauce, followed by one of the best cups of coffee you will find in Cardiff. 

They have sisters in Wyndham Arcade in town and in Penarth. If you haven't been to any of them I urge you to as soon as you can.

I was then totally spoilt by these two with all things foodie AND home made brownies. They know the way to my heart.

The sunshine was also very nice this year and decided to make an appearance, to which we got the gin and halloumi in and had a mighty family BBQ - of this I have no pictures as my Instagram hand was replaced with a gin for the whole evening. I woke up on my actual birthday smelling of bonfire with a rather fuzzy head - Nothing avocado, eggs and a giant coffee can't fix AND remembering I had tickets to Harry Potter World from my big sis.

I came home to more very lovely gifts and a pair of birthday shoes waiting to be taken out, and where better place than Bar 44 to spend your birthday? *insert salsa lady in red dress*

I heard they did goblets of gin so naturally this was where I had to go - A decision I was very happy about. Posh Patatas Bravas and the Jamon Iberico Croquetas are an absolute must!!

I don't think a birthDAY is enough so I like to drag these things out as much as I can. The fabulous 4 were finally reunited so this was a perfect excuse for celebrating some more and eating all of our favourite things. They spoilt me with the BEST gifts which are going to make my instagram feed a very happy place.

Thank you to everyone for making it an utterly fabulous birthday!



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