A Day Spent Pottering

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One of my favourite things about Cardiff is its ancient, winding arcades. I've been in Cardiff for over 2 years now and I still manage to get lost - but that's the idea because this is when you stumble across the gems. 

My idea of a perfect day is spent pottering. It is one of the many pointless skills that I am highly trained in. 

Pottering: To occupy oneself in a desultory but pleasant way.

Last weeks pottering consisted of eggs Benedict, Oh Comely and exploring the arcades. I had nothing specific on my agenda for the day and this is what I like best. 

This is where I came across Wondrously Welsh. Everything they sell is produced in Wales and they really are as wonderful as their name says. 

It is gift central and the ideal spot to pick up local produce from chutneys to fresh cheese - it's a fantastic addition to the arcade and much needed in the city centre. It makes you leave feeling very happy to be Welsh - because we really do, do everything best. 

I picked up some Little Black Hen piccalilli and spelt oat cakes - both better than anything branded you can pick up in the supermarket. 

My next spot was The Plan. If you are after some good coffee in the city centre, there is no better place. They serve the best cappuccinos and its a place you can find yourself sitting for hours.

I grabbed myself the latest copy of Oh Comely, a coffee and tucked into eggs Benedict - a dreamy combination for a Tuesday morning

If you do venture down to Morgan Quarter, make sure you pop your head into Renate. It is one of the few boutiques in town that cater to the young and fashionable. It will make you never want to hit the high street again, but save for the staple, completely gorgeous pieces they stock. (They also hold some pretty cool events - Any event with dresses, fizz and cupcakes is a good one.)

Got a day off soon? I would highly recommend a potter around Morgan Quarter. 



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