A BLOOMing Marvellous Sunday

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I am trying to cast my mind back to a Sunday where it wasn't miserable or raining outside. I am currently sitting here with a cup of tea to the sound of the rain beating down on our sun room roof. I guess you can't have everything living in Wales...

My favourite thing about summer is any activity that involves food and drink outdoors; Picnics, BBQ's, beer gardens and festivals. Since the sun has been lacking this last month, I decided to bring the great British summer indoors. With the return of Bake Off, like the rest of the UK, I got the baking bug which gave me a great excuse to bake, drink gin and enjoy 'summer' from my kitchen table.

To do this you will need:
  • Scones
  • Jam/clotted cream
  • Strawberries
  • Sunglasses
  • Plenty of gin
I spent my morning making my own scones and chia seed jam with the help of Pepper. She mostly slept but did try to put her paw in my freshly washed strawberries.

"Maaaaam, stop trying to Instagram your jam, look, I'm sweeter"

To make the scones, I used a very easy, classic recipe and switched the caster sugar for xylitol (a natural sugar) which didn't seem to make a difference, they were so delicious and passed the twist test - when you twist it, they cut in half perfectly, ready to lather on your cream & jam...which I did in great quantities.

And of course any scone cannot be eaten without a cup of tea AND a side of gin. We went for the already mixed BLOOM gin & Fentimans ones. The classic gin & tonic and the gin & rose lemonade. If you haven't tried these, you haven't lived. My fave is the rose lemonade one. I could drink them all day, every day, although this isn't advised...

So next Sunday (My Birthday just incase you had forgotten...) I would highly recommend a scone and gin party to enjoy your own British summer - No sun required. I know one thing, I will most definitely be indulging in a fair few gins by this time next week. I plan to beGIN my 25th year as I mean to go on...



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