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Bath is a place that I have recently fallen head over heels for. Apart from the Roman Baths & the Therma Spa, which is what Bath is most famously known for, this is why I love it...

Reason 1: The buildings are so incredibly beautiful and if there is anything that can make me work hard in life, it is picturing one of these homes being mine.

Reason 2: The coffee shops. My absolute favourite cafe/shop that there is, has to be The Foodie Bugle. You walk in and instantly feel happy and in need of some sort of wholesome salad. They have the teeniest kitchen but manage to produce the biggest bowls of delicious goodness and the best coffee I have ever tasted. You can get everything from tin bowls to any local vegetable that is in season. If I were to live in Bath, I think this is where you would find me most days.

Some other must visit places for coffee are Society Cafe, Mokoko, & Jacobs Coffee House.

Reason 3: The pubs. I am quite partial to an ale and every time I have visited, I have found myself in a pub or beer garden, sipping on a hoppy half pint. My last visit, we spent a sunny afternoon by the river at The Boater - A glorious sun trap that had live music and a bbq - The perfect combination for a dreamy afternoon.

Reason 4: Shopping. I thought Cardiff was good for shopping, until I went to Bath. All the cute little side streets are home to many hidden gems, that you could spend forever exploring. My highlight of Bath is Anthropology, I could spend a whole day in here picking up every cushion, bowl and door knob imagining where I would place in in my home.

So, now I am in search of more fun things to do, see and places to eat cake. Any recommendations?...


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