Street Food Circus and a Foodie Birthday

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So last weekend we had a very special birthday. Sophie, the queen of all things foodie was another year older and we just had to celebrate with street food & gin.

Sadly, it is the last weekend for the Street Food Circus but I'm sure this won't be goodbye forever. After the delicious food I had, it is quite possible I will chase them far and wide to have it again.

My favourites were Hangfire Smoke House, Chuck's & The Hemp Hut.

I really feel like pulled pork is having a moment. The saucier, the messier, the better. I imagine every pulled pork enthusiast in Wales has heard of Hang Fire Smoke House. I had heard really great things and made a trip especially, there was a pretzel bun with my name on it. So picture this, a pretzel bun, packed full of tender pulled pork, dressed in the sexiest bbq sauce, creamy house slaw and a savoury doughnut like ball of yumminess, ALL in one bun. I can now confirm that it was the best thing ever and I am a converted pulled pork piggy.

Warning: there will be bbq sauce, and lots of it. It is highly likely you will get it over your face, hands, shoes & your boyfriend (guilty) but it is SO worth it.

Of course, when there is any form of meat in a bun, there has to be a side of posh fries from Chucks too - They were truly spiffing.

As you probably know, I am big on falafel. At each visit to the circus, I would spy on the platter's from The Hemp Hut like that emoji that has one eye shut and its tongue hanging out. One quick skim of the menu and I was sold. I went for the falafel wrap with extra halloumi. I cradled the weighty wrap in my arms, as we headed back to our seats like the falafel mama that I am. It was all my hopes and dreams in one flat bread. My carnivore boyfriend, who was stuffing his face with a steak sandwich, was eyeing up my meal, after one bite, he scurried over to the queue to get one for himself. So even if you are the biggest meat eater, I would still recommend The Hemp Hut. When there is halloumi involved, what's not to love?

So after a night of stuffing our faces and drinking one too many gins, there is only one cure. Iced coffee & pancakes. Luckily, we have Nina, the best breakfast host living just seconds away, it makes rolling out of bed with a headache much easier. We laughed, ate, drank so much coffee I got the shakes and got emotional over Sophie opening her presents.

All in all, a fabulous weekend. Street Food Circus, please come back soon.



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