Foodies guide to Roath/ Penylan

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I have been living in this area for a year now and feel it is my duty to share my foodie knowledge with you.

If you are looking for a sexy Italian - (the food kind...) La Vita.

I have been to this place many times and I have raved about every meal. From pizza to fish, they know how to cook. It is take your own booze too, so it's perfect if you are on a budget but still after amazing food. 
Tip: The aubergine bake as a starter will change your life.

If you are looking for carbs - Il Pastifico

If you're about the carby goodness, you MUST get yourself to Il Pastifico. It will be the best pasta you have ever tasted. It is all made fresh, just meters from your table and they are a very knowledgeable and passionate bunch.
Tip: You must try the dessert too.

If you are looking for wholesome, locally sourced food. - Penylan Pantry.

This is quite possibly my favourite place in Cardiff. It houses the best avocado on toast and once you're in, you will never want to leave. They are also a deli and support a lot of the local producers, it is unlikely that you will leave empty handed, from cheese to chocolate, you will want it all.

If you are looking for a good cuppa - Waterloo Gardens Tea House.

These guys know their tea (and coffee) If you are after a milky brew or any herbal tea, you will find it here. Warning: You may get distracted by their selection of cakes and their breakfast/lunch menu's are totally dreamy. They cater well to vegetarians and gluten free babes too.

If you are looking for the most delicious cake - Tea & Cake.

If you want to hunker down somewhere cosy to drink tea and eat lots of cake, then Tea & Cake is for you. They serve the thickest slices of home made cake and they do a bounty tea, which is both chocolaty and coconutty and AMAZING!

If you are looking for anything from brunch to evening drinks - Juno Lounge.

When you can get a cup of jelly beans for the table, whats not to love? This is an all round place, where you can get fed and watered any time of the day, it always has a nice atmostphere and they have an outdoor seating area which catches the sun perfectly.
Tip: The lounge eggs are an eggcellent choice.

If you are looking for a pub - The Pear Tree.

This isn't your average pub. They have just launched a cracking brunch menu and I have heard great things about their tapas. Expect good atmostphere, top notch food and a good selection of beers and ales.

If you are looking for Ice-Cream - Joe's.

There is only one place where you will ever need to go for ice-cream and that's Joe's. It is an absolute must if you have visitors to Wales, as it is the best ice-cream in the world (Ben & Jerry's look away) and you can also rave about how it's Welsh and we manage to do everything best.
Tip: you must have the vanilla scooped from the big tubs.

If you are looking for Coffee - Coffee #1

I am not usually a fan of coffee chains, but Coffee 1 is an exception. Their toasted tea cakes are bigger than my head and they are one of the few places that do coconut latte's.

If you are looking for something different - Chaiholics.

So it may be a tea house but they also serve food right through to the evening. It's proper authentic Indian food with a lot of chai inspired dishes, I absolutely love Indian spices so this is just my cup of tea. They are the UK's first authentic chai tea house, so it is a must to visit if you are in the area.
Tip: Make sure you try the chaislaw.

So this weekend, instead of venturing in to town, make your merry way down to my neck of the woods. 


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