Brunch @ The Pear Tree

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One of my favourite things to do on the weekend, is roll out of bed, into my loafers and go in search of breakfast.

I love living so close to Wellfield road because I feel like we've got a bunch of the best places to eat in Cardiff. 

I had seen that The Pear Tree had launched a new brunch menu and they had asked if I wanted to go along to try. Brunch is an offer I could NEVER turn down.

First thing to note: When a place serves you coffee with minstrels on your spoon, you know it's going to be good.

Second thing to note: They have a pretty impressive selection of daily papers. There is nothing I love more than coffee and papers on the weekend. Naturally, I was straight on to the food pages.

Third and final thing to note: Their new Brunch menu is everything that you could dream of on a Saturday morning.

I went for the crushed avocado on sourdough toast with bacon and a poached egg. I often make this myself at home, but no matter where I am or what time of day it is, it's something I can't resist, and my goodness, The Pear Tree did it well. 

I feel like I go through the daily struggle of trying to make the perfect poached egg, it usually ends up looking like a sad, hard boiled egg or worse, a fried egg that has just come out of the bath (don't ask.) So these days I do a lot of my judging on the greatness of the poached egg.

Look at that... 10/10.

Ki had the Tree Breakfast, which we've both had before and when there is a potato cake and a big mushroom involved, it can do no wrong. 

I think this may be my new favourite brunch spot.

Thank you for having us and we will most definitely be back, as I  have heard some pretty good things about the tapas. I also spied a goats cheese & pear salad drizzled with honey on the lunch menu, doesn't that just sound pearfect?



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