Brother Thai @ The Depot

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Most weekends you will find me loosing my shit over food that is served in a cardboard box with a wooden fork.

BUT this isn't just any old food served in a cardboard box with a wooden fork...Say hello to Brother Thai.

After my fleeting visit to Thailand in April, I fell in love with the country and most of all its food. From the street food to top notch restaurant food, the flavor in each and every dish couldn't be faulted.

A week after returning with the biggest case of holiday blues, we headed to the Depot to find a new member of the street food crowd. I was sold.

I stood and watched as they made up one of most delicious curry's I have ever had, it almost made me cry into my rice for wanting to go back to Thailand so much.

After telling every person I knew about how fabulous it was, I couldn't resist when we went back on bank holiday Sunday. This time it was a chilli jam dish that was just incredible, I ate every last bit, chilli's and all.

So folks, if you are yet to head to the Depot, I would highly recommend giving these guys a go. It's proper Thai-dee food and it really is something special.



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