Koh Samui, Thailand

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First of all, sorry to anyone who follows me on twitter or instagram and was victim to my over posting of coconuts and cocktails...but really, this is what the majority of my week looked like.

Did I mention that coconuts are great for rehydrating?...

Anyway, although the majority of my time was spent drinking gin fizz cocktails and eating fried rice, it was the best place ever, made even better by my family from all over who came along too.

My highlights were:

  • Feeding a baby elephant at Na Muang Waterfall. I have wanted to meet an elephant for as long as I remember, so I was super excited to finally meet one and feed it bananas.

  • Having a monkey groom me - Sorry mate you won't find any fleas in there...

  • The most amazing boat trip. Currently gracing the cover of Thai vogue, The Red Baron was my absolute favourite thing we did in Thailand. We snorkled in the bluest water, visited the most gorgeous, secluded beaches and munched on the best food. - If you go, you must take advantage of the breaded snapper fish and chilli sauce when they serve lunch.

  • Becoming friends with my nephew. If there is a baby around you will usually find me keeping my distance at all times. But I have some top tips if you are ever unfortunate enough to have to hold one: Show them the fishes and lobsters 'sleeping' on the bed of ice outside the restaurant...they just love it. If you are not around any fish, then any form of animal/running water/bright light should work just as well.
  • Discovering Chang and drinking alot of it...

  • Massages. Never underestimate the strength of a small Thai lady. Just think of a pretzel...that was me. She bent my body in ways I didn't think were possible. I lost count of the times my back clicked and I walked out of there feeling refreshed, stretched out and about 5 inches taller. I also had a foot scrub and a foot massage, which did wonderful things for my poor feet.
As you can see this did not do great things for ki's sunburn...

  • The Lamai Sunday Nightmarket. Thai people don't mess around when it comes to food. I'm used to the UK street food scene which is very tame and expensive compared to this. I will say one thing - Pork on a stick for 20p. What more can you ask for? I got a scrumptious chicken** stir fry from a little old man who constantly had a fag in his mouth and couldn't speak English. It cost me around £1.50 for my meal and a fresh coconut and it was so yummy. Imagine being able to say that in the UK?

  • Sending off wish lanterns on the beach. I think it was mine that plunged into the sea after about 5 minutes. It obviously couldn't handle my ambitious wish...

  • THE FOOD. I didn't have one meal here that I thought was OK. Everything I ate was incredible. Every meal was so different and delicious with so much flavour. I seemed to stick to a lot of dishes that were oozing with chilli, ginger, garlic and fish sauce. By the end of the week I had fried rice and chicken coming out of my ears and feel I am going to miss this all very much.

  • Lastly, realising that I have the most fabulous family and the most amazing week spent with them.

I am already planning my next visit to Thailand because I fell in love with how gorgeous and nuts it is. I had some serious holiday blues coming home, especially when I had to swap the flip flops for fluffy socks. 

Take me back to Koh Samui.

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