The Potted Pig

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If you have any interest in food, I imagine you have been to The Potted Pig. It is one of my absolute favourite places to eat in Cardiff.

It is located on St Mary's Street, just look for the tin pig and the unassuming, HEAVY door. (This makes it the perfect place for a date, as the man can show how effortlessly he can open the door for you.)

I have been here a few times and have tried the lunch and dinner menu, both have been equally as scrummy. If you haven't been for lunch, YOU MUST, it is so tasty and excellent value for money. 

But its best feature? It has to be the gin menu. As you can probably tell, I am quite the gin lover and this place definitely has the best selection in Cardiff.

Anyway, this visit to the PP was a very special one, it was our little Nina's birthday, so gin and dinner was a must. There was thickly sliced bread and butter waiting at the table when we arrived - squidgy bread is my downfall, so I could have quite happily feasted on this alone, but with a menu to die for, I guarantee that choosing will probably be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. I'm not a vegetarian but I can't resist the veggie option if it involves some sort of melted cheese.

This time I went for a starter of sprouting broccoli with blue cheese and breadcrumbs, with a side of hand cut chips and greens. The greens were swimming in the most delicious buttery goodness, it was all superb.

The portions can look quite small, but they are so rich and delicious, that it is always the perfect amount to leave you satisfied. Also I knew we were having birthday cake and this is what Sophie does best, so I made sure I left a large cake shaped gap for this. This time we had the most fabulous raspberry sponge cake. I seriously cannot wait for my birthday...

Whilst this was going on, WGP was hatching a plan. Her dangerous mind is one that makes her a fantastic wing woman. I won't go into too much detail, just that it involved a note, a table of giggling girls, a table of terrified boys and a fabulous can guess the rest.

Thank you PP for the most fabulous evening! 
Expect another visit soon, we will bring our own pen...



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