The Street Food Warehouse

When it comes to street food, I am like a meerkat. You will often find me up on my hind legs (twitter) in search of a naughty burger, with some quirky sauce, wrapped in newspaper.

Burgers, Beers and a bunch of my favourite people is my idea of a perfect evening, this is exactly what last night involved.

I had done enough twitter stalking to know that The Street Food Warehouse was right up my street; Beer served in brown paper bags and rosemary fries. Where do I sign up?

So this little foodie gathering can be found under the stadium at Cardiff Arms Park. Music blaring from a little veggie stall and the smell of sizzling burgers is enough to make anyone excited. 

In order to fit in, you must order a beer which comes in a brown bag, I felt like a chic tramp and I loved it. After this, it didn't take me long to pick my food, when there is a huge sign that reads 'GRILLED HALLOUMI' consider it sold, to the cheese loving, chic tramp. 

The Rad Burger Company was the busiest stall by far, we queued for a while but it was soo worth it. I had the Rad Beef burger, it came stuffed with bacon, halloumi, rocket, mango chutney and garlic mayo. I had the rosemary fries too, as it would be a crime to order a burger without chips, and I had so much thyme for these bad boys.

So feeling sufficiently stuffed from this, I still had room for a cocktail. This is what Ten Mill Lane do best and naturally, I had my eye on the gin one since we arrived. It was served in a noodle box with chopsticks and a fortune cookie, I think I slurped the whole thing and inhaled the raspberries in about 5 seconds. It was fruity, fabulous and my idea of the perfect cocktail.

At some point or another, I think I have managed to try all the stalls. Meat in the middle had some pretty nawty hot dogs - we managed to get mustard over my face, my hands, my phone and Kierans shoe. 

For the sweet tooth, Mr Churro was there with his delicious donut-like sticks with warm chocolate for dunking. Uh-mazing.

Pitch were serving up welsh nacho's with the help from Norma, the cutest boston terrier you will ever see and Nata & Co showed off an impressive display of Portuguese pastries. These are 2 of my favourite food places in Cardiff, so if you haven't tried them yet, I urge you too. Pitch is nestled on Mill Lane and you can find Nata on Clifton Street in Splott - A dangerous 2 minute walk from my work...

So if you've got plans for next weekend, cancel them. Say you are busy washing your hair and get down to The Street Food Warehouse for some seriously good nosh.

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