Riverside Farmers Market

I truly believe in the saying "A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content" which is why I bloody love Sundays.

But the reason I love them the most?

For one day of the week, all the best local foodie stalls gather to bring us the most scrumptious selection of goodies.

From the most delicious array of pastries and bread, to the most satisfying vegan brownies, it's hard to leave empty bellied.

Today I finally got to try Mr Croquewich.

Anything that involves bread and gooey cheese, I find extremely hard to resist. Even though it was raining, I still managed to crack a smile with cheese in my teeth over this one.

Here's proof, even though it looks like I left my false teeth at home, I can assure you they were there and thoroughly enjoying every crispy bite.

I went for the Glamorgan Croquewich, which was made up of cheese, leeks and all things delicious. It is definitely worth getting cheese all over your face for and is HIGHLY recommended. It was seriously Gouda..

So then with anything savory, you must wash it down with something sweet. We had tea and chocolate fudge cake from Naturally Kind Food.

Their brownies and cake are fantastic and I always manage to leave with something chocolatey in my bag. 

So next Sunday, if you are just about to go to the supermarket to grab some bits, just pop by the riverside food market first and see what scrummy treats you can get here instead. I saw this graffiti a couple of weeks ago and it made me stop in my tracks. 

Make a trip one Sunday, you won't be disappointed.



  1. The glamorgan croquewich sounds and looks delicious!

    I'll keep this in mind for a free Sunday.


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