Burgers, Brunch and a very special Birthday

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My next favourite thing after breakfast is Birthdays.


1. It is the perfect opportunity to gather for brunch or dinner (hopefully both)
2. There is usually Gin and Cake involved.
3. Birthdays are just fabulous.

This weekend, we were celebrating a very important persons birthday. Welsh Girl Problems is another year more fabulous and for that, we had to celebrate accordingly.

With our lashes and heels in tow, we headed to our favourite place on Mill Lane. If you haven't been to Pitch yet, I woud suggest you get your skates on. They source all local, welsh products and have the most delicious menu to show for it.

We sipped on prosecco and teapots of gin and feasted on some pretty incredible grub.

I went for the chicken burger with the worlds best chips (you will know what I mean once you've tried them.)

For dessert, we had Sophie's finest Blackcurrant and Gin cake - Nigella look out. As moist is in our list of least favourite words, I think we used the word damp to describe it?... Either way it was bloody lovely and I couldn't help but have seconds.

It was a very successful evening, made even better by Nina's choice of balloons, I had static hair and the big P in my face the whole way home, but it was all in the name of a WGP, so I didn't mind one bit.

Thank you Pitch for a V fab evening, we will most definitely be back.

So then naturally, after a night of gin consumption, a good brunch is a must. We all rolled to Nina's half asleep, to be welcomed with the fluffiest pancakes and pots of tea - She is the best host EVER. 

WGP brought custard filled goodies from Nata & Co, and we sat there for a good couple of hours drinking coffee, laughing a LOT and eating non- stop. If you ask me, there is no better way to spend a weekend.

WGP, I hope you had the most fabulous birthday. 



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