10 Minute Breakfast

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People always ask me how I have enough time to make such delicious breakfasts in the morning. 

Well I'm sure you've got 10 minutes, right? 

I'm very lucky because I've got a man who can cook up a fantastic breakfasty storm in the kitchen, but ask him to present  it nicely on a plate or measure out the coffee and he's lost. So with our skills combined, we have managed to nail the perfect 10 minute breakfast. 

What you will need: A hot man in an apron, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sourdough bread, avocado and the best ground coffee you can get your mitts on. 

First off, preheat the grill and pop the kettle on. Then let the breakfast making commence. 

So foil your tray up, put the bacon on and lay your sliced Tommy T's next to them, put them in grill and let them sizzle away.

Wait for 2 minutes, then get your water in the pan and let it boil. Crack your eggs in, as soon as you do this put the toast down. (We find smaller eggs are better for poaching)

Meanwhile slice your avo, make sure the coffee is brewing and lay the table. 

Once the toast is popped and lathered in butter, the bacon should be smelling delicious and the eggs ready and runny. 

Work your magic on the plate and ta daaa! You've got yourself the easiest most delicious start to your day, all in just 10 minutes.

Just Pour your coffee, take a second to admire your work and then inhale the whole thing. 

Happy Breakfasting 



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