Two Fingers Drinks

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Any event that involves a bunch of my favourite people, with promises of gin and snacks is my idea of heaven. 

So Saturday, after a brief encounter with the Queen mother and her corgie at the door, I found myself in Nina's flat that had been transformed into a funky little bar.

Now I love a cheeky cocktail, but these usually involve a bodycon dress and eyelashes that touch my forehead, if it's not that, it will be me making a huge, sticky mess in the kitchen. This is where Two Fingers Drinks come in and let you wave goodbye to sticky floors and the washing up.

So here you can swap that bodycon dress for a baggy shirt, those heels for mouse slippers and sit back, Tim will do the rest.

It's a pretty simple process, you pick 3 of your fave cocktails beforehand and Tim will shake them up for you, all from the comfort of your own home. He will even bring them over to you in return for brownies.

We all love gin, so we picked ours within seconds. The first one was La Boheme, this was my favorite and I think I had 5 of these by the end of the night, but it's ok because Tim said they are hangover free. I think I remember elderflower and was delicioussss!

The next one we had was a Brambellini which was inhaled rather quickly, I then made loud slurping noises with my straw just to remind everyone to drink up.

The last one we had was a tall Peach Melba Collins and yes, it was as fantastic as its name.

We also had scrummy treats, Sophie provided gooey, salted caramel brownies, Nina provided the most delicious plum cake and WGP provided us all with abs of steel from making us laugh so much, I (as always) came with an abundance of animal knowledge. 

Just in case you are ever stuck for a nugget of knowledge, go with these ones: 

Female snakes don't have boobs and there is a mantas shrimp that CAN solve a rubix cube. Honestly, they were all amazed.

I would struggle to find a better way to spend a Saturday and already can't wait until we do it again, it got a little foggy towards the end, but I woke up to an interesting google history and my browser open on 'Sad Monkey In Swimsuit' so it must have been a good one. 

Thank you Two Fingers Drinks for a fabulous evening!



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