Deliciously Ella's Sweet Potato Brownies

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Sunday is for exploring, today we ventured out to the valleys. I think it was about -100 degrees, and the only other people outside in the whole of Abergavenny managed to photobomb my selfie.

Then when I returned home, half frozen, something wonderful happened. You know that vegetable that usually has hair growing out of it somewhere and is partial to a bit of mud? LOOK WHAT I DID WITH IT?

Say hello to my sweet potato brownies. 

This page in my Deliciously Ella cookbook has had a bookmark in it since the day I bought it, I'd heard very good things about them, but was struggling to think of what a roast dinner item would be like in a brownie, so I just HAD to try. 

I used:
4 smallish sweet potatoes
Medjool Dates
Ground Almonds
Buckwheat Flour
Raw Cacao Powder
Rice Malt Syrup (I think next time I will use maple syrup)
Coconut oil for greasing the tin.

They are easy to make and surprisingly disaster-proof, a huge plus is being able to lick the spoon without fearing that you are going to get salmonella. YESSS!!!

One thing I would suggest is having a good food mixer for this, my blender was being stubborn, so I had to do most of the mixing by hand (I swear it's harder than a kettle bell class) I would also suggest cleaning up as you go along..

So if you've got a bag of sweet potatoes lying around, I highly suggest you get your chef hat on and try these gooey delights. Even my chocoholic boyfriend approved and hoovered his share up pretty quickly.

The Recipe is in Ella's book and also here: 

You can sooo pass these as one of your 5 a day too..



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