National Breakfast Week

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A whole week devoted to scrummy breakfast, this sounds like my cup of tea. It's got me reminiscing and thinking about all my favourite brekkie's.

First up, avocado and boiled egg on toast. This one promises to keep me full right up until lunch and it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare in the morning. Toast in one hand, eyebrow pencil in the other.

Creamy Porridge. I soak my oats overnight in the fridge and add a splash of coconut milk in the morning, then I top it with whatever I can get my hands on. My favourite is a big dollop of almond butter and a handful of berries and nuts - Delish.

Yogurt with toasted nuts and cinnamon. This is the perfect sweet snack to have after meals too. Just toast a few nuts in a frying pan and if you want something sweet, sprinkle with cinnamon and throw in some blueberries, its the perfect quick breakfast.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss poached. I either add a thick chunk of toast or use leftovers from the night before like quinoa or broccoli, I add some avocado and there you have it, a seriously tasty start to the day!

If I can't decide on sweet or savory in the morning, I'll go for both. Avocado and stawberries with a big dusting of salt and pepper go wonderfully together!

And of course saving the best until last, the cooked breakfast. Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I know there will be sausages, bacon and eggs going down at some point that morning. This delicious plate of grub was at The Pear Tree on Wellfield Road, all washed down with a seriously good cup of coffee.

Happy National Breakfast Week!



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