My Five Favourite Foodies

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As you know, I LOVE food.

So give me a good set of cookery books or reel of blog posts and I will be content for hours.

These are some of my absolute favorites that you must know about.

Deliciously Ella.

Ella seems to be popping up everywhere and taking the foodie world by storm. Being meat, gluten and dairy free is something I have always thought would be impossible, but I feel she could successfully convert the biggest carnivore around to indulge in some plant based goodness.

You Must Try:
The sweet potato wedges. I feel my life is somewhat complete after being introduced to these. It's amazing what a sprinkle of cinnimon and paprika can do.

Still Yet To Try:
The coconut Thai curry with chickpeas. I've got all the ingredients lined out in my cupboard ready to tackle this one tonight, it's all my favourite things in one dish, so I'm super excited about trying it.

Honestly Healthy.

Natasha is all about the alkaline lifestyle with some seriously tasty recipes and a blog full of healthy knowledge. From cooking to home workouts, it's a brilliant place to go for inspiration on leading a healthier lifestyle.

You Must Try: 
The spiced overnight oats. This is super easy to make and ideal for a quick and delicious breakfast before work. I topped mine with berries, nuts and a generous dollop of almond butter and it kept me satisfied until lunch time.

Still Yet To Try:
The portabello Mushroom Burger. Yup, it looks as good as it sounds and I can't wait to show this off when the BBQ season arrives.

I Quit Sugar.

I have always regarded myself as quite healthy with my copious amounts of honey, fruit and cubes upon cubes of dark chocolate, but reading the I Quit Sugar books made me realise I was eating ALOT of sugar without realizing. I started by cutting back on sugar in my coffee, then swapping my many helpings of fruit for veg and already I am feeling a million times better. I cannot recommend these books enough!

You Must Try: 
The sausage, walnut and beetroot hash. This is one of mine and my boyfriends new favorite meals. It is in the detox section of the book, it takes minutes to whip up and is so flavorsome and delicious.

Still Yet To Try:
Courgette brownies. If quitting sugar meant that I could never eat anything sweet ever again, I would have failed at the first hurdle. I've stocked up on raw cacao and all the good bits to make a start on some seriously tasty sweet treats. Watch this space :-)

Planet Organic.

I love this website and will be found scrolling through the blog with any spare moment I have. With tips and delicious recipes, I could easily and quite happily spend every penny on stocking up on the most delicious goodies.

I Must Try: 
Avocado, coconut bacon & Spinach Cheese Pizza. How AMAZING does this sound?! It had me at avocado and pizza in the same sentence. Cannot Wait!!

Avocado, Coconut bacon & Spinach Cheese Pizza

The Londoner.

Forget counting calories and just indulge in the hearty, wholesome dishes that Rosie cooks up. It's the perfect home cooked, weekend food with something for every occasion.

Must Try:
Dip N Share Eggs. This is just the best thing ever. It works for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is warming and super tasty.

Still Yet To Try:
Courgette fritters. Greek food is one of my favourite cuisines, this glorious invention with some yogurt dip and all the trimmings is the dream lunch for me.

So now I'm back to the kitchen, I don't know about you but all that food talk has got me feeling really Hungry...



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