Bye Bye 2014

2015, the year I turn 25. This is when you know you're old because the young persons rail card is labelled  for 16-25 ONLY. So that's it's, Tulisa's song 'We Are Young' is no longer applicable to us. After this year, I may as well start the bookings for visiting the care home to pick my bedroom (facing the sun with an en suite please.) 

The scary thing is, that by 25 I am expected to not need such a discount on rail fare, because I should have this in the bag by now.
Well maybe I'll work on that this year..

But for now, we have a whole lot of days ahead of us and if it's anything like 2014, it will be fantastic. My highlights were: 

Becoming an aunty! A new member of the family joined us. Harry Potter Waddell.  I'm not much of a baby person. The screaming and dribbling over my shoulder isn't up there on my list of favourite things, but he's cute (at arms length) and is such a character. He also does wonderful things for a glowing tan.

My first holiday in too long! I fell in love with Greece and it's many pittas, €3 bottles of wine and stray cats. We went on a boat trip on the last day around the Island and it was the most incredible end to an amazing holiday (with a free bar) TAKE ME BAAAAACK!!!

Wales beat South Africa FINALLY! Although I was in the company of 2 patriotic South Africans (awks) Me and my little red scarf loved it, especially when the teams were doing all their stretches on the side.

I met the most fabulous girls in Cardiff and we did a lot of fun stuff, mostly that involved eating, drinking and laughing too much. Sophie, Stacey, Nina, Welsh girl Problems, Sharon and Alex are just the best.

I ate a lot of good food, became very fond of burgers and found some of my new favourite places. 
Cardiff's very own Wahaca, just because of this genius dish
The wild food cafe and my dream menu
Naturally Kind Brownies at The Riverside Market
I ran the Cardiff half marathon and got taken over by a man dressed as a pepperoni, but still I completed it and it was a very proud moment, made even better by the amount of food I was then allowed to eat and guilt free time spent in my Pj's.

So a cracking year that has got me all excited about what 2015 is going to bring.

Happy New Year you gorgeous bunch.



  1. Pro tip: I've been told by many over 25s that you can still buy the 3 year railcard right up until your 25th birthday and then keep using it for an extra few years ;) I think 25 is still pretty young really, life goes at your own pace :) x

  2. Love this! Can't wait for more burger fun in 2015 xxx


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