National Breakfast Week

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A whole week devoted to scrummy breakfast, this sounds like my cup of tea. It's got me reminiscing and thinking about all my favourite brekkie's.

First up, avocado and boiled egg on toast. This one promises to keep me full right up until lunch and it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare in the morning. Toast in one hand, eyebrow pencil in the other.

Creamy Porridge. I soak my oats overnight in the fridge and add a splash of coconut milk in the morning, then I top it with whatever I can get my hands on. My favourite is a big dollop of almond butter and a handful of berries and nuts - Delish.

Yogurt with toasted nuts and cinnamon. This is the perfect sweet snack to have after meals too. Just toast a few nuts in a frying pan and if you want something sweet, sprinkle with cinnamon and throw in some blueberries, its the perfect quick breakfast.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss poached. I either add a thick chunk of toast or use leftovers from the night before like quinoa or broccoli, I add some avocado and there you have it, a seriously tasty start to the day!

If I can't decide on sweet or savory in the morning, I'll go for both. Avocado and stawberries with a big dusting of salt and pepper go wonderfully together!

And of course saving the best until last, the cooked breakfast. Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I know there will be sausages, bacon and eggs going down at some point that morning. This delicious plate of grub was at The Pear Tree on Wellfield Road, all washed down with a seriously good cup of coffee.

Happy National Breakfast Week!


My Five Favourite Foodies

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As you know, I LOVE food.

So give me a good set of cookery books or reel of blog posts and I will be content for hours.

These are some of my absolute favorites that you must know about.

Deliciously Ella.

Ella seems to be popping up everywhere and taking the foodie world by storm. Being meat, gluten and dairy free is something I have always thought would be impossible, but I feel she could successfully convert the biggest carnivore around to indulge in some plant based goodness.

You Must Try:
The sweet potato wedges. I feel my life is somewhat complete after being introduced to these. It's amazing what a sprinkle of cinnimon and paprika can do.

Still Yet To Try:
The coconut Thai curry with chickpeas. I've got all the ingredients lined out in my cupboard ready to tackle this one tonight, it's all my favourite things in one dish, so I'm super excited about trying it.

Honestly Healthy.

Natasha is all about the alkaline lifestyle with some seriously tasty recipes and a blog full of healthy knowledge. From cooking to home workouts, it's a brilliant place to go for inspiration on leading a healthier lifestyle.

You Must Try: 
The spiced overnight oats. This is super easy to make and ideal for a quick and delicious breakfast before work. I topped mine with berries, nuts and a generous dollop of almond butter and it kept me satisfied until lunch time.

Still Yet To Try:
The portabello Mushroom Burger. Yup, it looks as good as it sounds and I can't wait to show this off when the BBQ season arrives.

I Quit Sugar.

I have always regarded myself as quite healthy with my copious amounts of honey, fruit and cubes upon cubes of dark chocolate, but reading the I Quit Sugar books made me realise I was eating ALOT of sugar without realizing. I started by cutting back on sugar in my coffee, then swapping my many helpings of fruit for veg and already I am feeling a million times better. I cannot recommend these books enough!

You Must Try: 
The sausage, walnut and beetroot hash. This is one of mine and my boyfriends new favorite meals. It is in the detox section of the book, it takes minutes to whip up and is so flavorsome and delicious.

Still Yet To Try:
Courgette brownies. If quitting sugar meant that I could never eat anything sweet ever again, I would have failed at the first hurdle. I've stocked up on raw cacao and all the good bits to make a start on some seriously tasty sweet treats. Watch this space :-)

Planet Organic.

I love this website and will be found scrolling through the blog with any spare moment I have. With tips and delicious recipes, I could easily and quite happily spend every penny on stocking up on the most delicious goodies.

I Must Try: 
Avocado, coconut bacon & Spinach Cheese Pizza. How AMAZING does this sound?! It had me at avocado and pizza in the same sentence. Cannot Wait!!

Avocado, Coconut bacon & Spinach Cheese Pizza

The Londoner.

Forget counting calories and just indulge in the hearty, wholesome dishes that Rosie cooks up. It's the perfect home cooked, weekend food with something for every occasion.

Must Try:
Dip N Share Eggs. This is just the best thing ever. It works for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is warming and super tasty.

Still Yet To Try:
Courgette fritters. Greek food is one of my favourite cuisines, this glorious invention with some yogurt dip and all the trimmings is the dream lunch for me.

So now I'm back to the kitchen, I don't know about you but all that food talk has got me feeling really Hungry...


Breakfast Club Part 1

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I consider breakfast to be the best meal of the day. My tummy wakes me up all excited and leads me to the kitchen to pop the kettle on before I am fully awake.

After many breakfast based discussions with the girls, we thought it was time to venture out to find some of Cardiff's finest brekkie joints. 

For the first trip, We went to Penylan Pantry. It is just a hop and a skip from mine, so luckily I could roll out of bed and into the deli. Being the eager, breakfast beavers that we are, we were the first in and eyeing up the delicious black board of goodies. 

I went for the avocado on toast. It is one of my absolute favourites as it's so easy to whip up, but this version was something else and the best I have ever tasted.

The Avocado was perfectly ripe and topped with chilli salt.


We went through tons of fresh coffee and tea, then one cheeseboard and flapjack later, we thought we had better leave them in peace. 

Foodies, I urge you to get it on your list because this place will be hard to beat.


Bye Bye 2014

2015, the year I turn 25. This is when you know you're old because the young persons rail card is labelled  for 16-25 ONLY. So that's it's, Tulisa's song 'We Are Young' is no longer applicable to us. After this year, I may as well start the bookings for visiting the care home to pick my bedroom (facing the sun with an en suite please.) 

The scary thing is, that by 25 I am expected to not need such a discount on rail fare, because I should have this in the bag by now.
Well maybe I'll work on that this year..

But for now, we have a whole lot of days ahead of us and if it's anything like 2014, it will be fantastic. My highlights were: 

Becoming an aunty! A new member of the family joined us. Harry Potter Waddell.  I'm not much of a baby person. The screaming and dribbling over my shoulder isn't up there on my list of favourite things, but he's cute (at arms length) and is such a character. He also does wonderful things for a glowing tan.

My first holiday in too long! I fell in love with Greece and it's many pittas, €3 bottles of wine and stray cats. We went on a boat trip on the last day around the Island and it was the most incredible end to an amazing holiday (with a free bar) TAKE ME BAAAAACK!!!

Wales beat South Africa FINALLY! Although I was in the company of 2 patriotic South Africans (awks) Me and my little red scarf loved it, especially when the teams were doing all their stretches on the side.

I met the most fabulous girls in Cardiff and we did a lot of fun stuff, mostly that involved eating, drinking and laughing too much. Sophie, Stacey, Nina, Welsh girl Problems, Sharon and Alex are just the best.

I ate a lot of good food, became very fond of burgers and found some of my new favourite places. 
Cardiff's very own Wahaca, just because of this genius dish
The wild food cafe and my dream menu
Naturally Kind Brownies at The Riverside Market
I ran the Cardiff half marathon and got taken over by a man dressed as a pepperoni, but still I completed it and it was a very proud moment, made even better by the amount of food I was then allowed to eat and guilt free time spent in my Pj's.

So a cracking year that has got me all excited about what 2015 is going to bring.

Happy New Year you gorgeous bunch.


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