The Wrong Knickers

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Even though I LOVE Christmas, it's not a very productive time for me. Santa pisses all over my routine and my brain only functions around chocolate, tinsel and alcohol with bubbles. But now it's all over, I can finally get back into my growing pile of books. I feared that all the alcohol may have caused me to forget how to read, but I'm fine and the first one I must tell you about is The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon.

First of all, ITS FANTASTIC! I would recommend this to all my single friends, all my not so single friends and even my mum. It's refreshing to read something so honest because I feel everyone is beginning to loose hope. We're getting so used to seeing the worlds most perfect relationships and Made In Chelsea's champagne popping, lavish love lives that we assume this is how it is - WRONG. Bryony says it how it is and she will make you laugh the whole way.  

Like all good books of course it has a lovely ending but a real one with all the shit that actually happens in life in between. So I take my Christmas hat off to Bryony. 

So I am telling you to put it on your list because it's well worth a read. It will be all you've been waiting for since Bridget Jones, just a little bit naughtier and better.

Although I will warn you, you may not be able to butter your toast in the same way ever again. For some, there is more to this dairy delight than just buttering up your carbs.

Yeah I'd be intrigued too, go do it! (The book, not the butter..)



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