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This weekend the foodie in me died and went to carb heaven. There is something about the sweet smell of London food joints, that makes it very easy to leave the city 2 stone heavier. 

The bustle of Oxford street can work up a hefty appetite, which is the perfect excuse for me. Bacon seemed to be the theme of the weekend, which I was more than happy to oblige with.

Besides how can you possibly do anything without a bacon sandwich and tea? 

These were some of my favourite things:

Some may say the burger hype is getting too much, this is perfectly understandable, but really have you tried Byron? I am totally getting the hype and they do courgette fries, that's enough to make me do a little dance.

Breakfast of kings (and queens) 

COFFEE BREAK. We went for a chocolate layer cake, it's sugar in its best form and the mini cupcakes are enough to make any woman get over excited.

See those giant baubles, that's me today. Round and extremely excited for Christmas. 

London you're so naughty, but I still love you dearly. 



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