I Love Christmas

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I am one of those annoying humans, who gets excited about Christmas in September. The sight of a Christmas tree or red cup sends me into festive over drive.

These are some of my favourite things:

Feeling like Rowan Atkinson in  Love Actually  when wrapping presents - This is my time to shine.

Chirades!!..unless you get Free Willy, then that's just awkward.

Looking into the ends of all the Christmas crackers and making sure the best one is by your plate.

Getting to wear a crown at the dinner table.

The Ultimate cheat day - 24 hours where you can eat anything and everything, because calories don't count.

When every girl thinks they can sing like Mariah, because suddenly at Christmas you can.

Getting to eat chocolate before breakfast everyday. Hello advent, I like you.

Sugar filled Christmas coffee cups - I am so guilty of loving the festive flavours.

 When its perfectly normal to hang a big sock on your door, that is filled with satsumas and an eyebrow pencil on Christmas morning.

Christmas shopping - The best competitive sport around.

How girls will happily sit on the knee of a fat, old, bearded man; If this was a Saturday night, this would not be ok, but because its Christmas, WHY NOT?!

Patiently waiting for the pyjama fairy to come with the goods on Christmas eve.

Drinking and eating non stop for 3 days straight.

Regretting drinking and eating for 3 days straight when your jeans no longer fit.

The only time of the year where a 6 foot tree is welcomed indoors.

The mad rush of Christmas morning, where you are guaranteed to see Noddy Holder on the TV at least once when opening your presents.

Turkey sandwiches, turkey dinner, turkey curry, turkey soup - No wonder we only have this bird once a year.

So I must get my elasticated jeans at the ready and prepare for some over eating, under sleeping and many renditions of the entire Michael Buble Christmas album.

Now where are the mince pies? 



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